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I posted this in another thread a couple of weeks ago,
and I will post it here as well....

There are alot of factors that go into it.

It has to be a real good deal in terms of savings (must beat all other stores' prices for the item) ... we check Pricegrabber, Google Products, etc... to see if this is the case.
Sometimes if an item is extremely popular, and never goes on sale, then it may still be posted even if the percentage savings is not quite as high.

It also has to be a product that is popular and appeals to a wide enough audience, can't have anything that is too "niche".

It has to be from a store that is reputable ... no "unknown" stores or poorly rated stores.

It usually has to be an online store (as opposed to a B&M store), as online stores are more readily accessed by a larger percentage of people.
We do sometimes post B&M deals from major stores that most people have in their area (such as Sears), if the deal is real hot... but even then, it is usually a "buy online and pick up in store type deal"

We try not to post price mistakes, as orders are often cancelled.

With some stores, we can check inventory (such as Amazon and Newegg) and if inventory is low, there is no point of putting it on the FP.

Hope this helps Smilie