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The Ultimate National Best Friend Day Gift Guide and #SlickdealsBesties Instagram Contest

Best friends are like soul mates, but they can be incredibly tough to shop for. Even if you talk (or at least message them) every day, when it comes to gifts, the sheer volume of options available can send you down a vortex of Pinterest boards and DIY YouTube videos until you are inevitably forced to buy a gift card to their favorite coffee shop... Boring!  Don’t fret, because Slickdeals curated the best gift guide for your best friend yet. For the TV Binging BFF Since streaming

Amazon Has Stopped Giving Refunds for Items That Drop in Price After Your Purchase

Partial refunds from Amazon purchases have always been fairly easy to get if an item dropped in price after you ordered it. You contact customer service and they will take care of it for you. Not anymore, though. An Amazon spokeswoman told Recode the refund policy was never an official policy unless you bought a TV. If you ever received a refund for any other items, you were granted an exception. That's their official stance. Over on reddit you can read plenty of comments contradicting

Thor Is Now Helping You Resolve Questions About Your Amazon Orders

There is an Amazon customer service representative named Thor who is everything we've come not to expect from most people in his line of work (funny and helpful). Then again, he is named after a god. In a live chat with a customer whose book order had gone missing, Thor indulged the customer in some role-play after he asked to be referred to as Odin. Thankfully, one of them took a screen shot of the conversation and posted it online so the rest of us can enjoy the witty back and forth 

The Best Macy's Coupons and Sales of the Week

I was raised by a pretty slick mom who loves getting a great deal, and one thing I've learned from her is that Macy's is usually having a pretty good sale. This beloved department store truly has something for everyone, and its sitewide discounts and bonus buys make it a great stop for Slickdealers searching for the best price on what they want and need. If you're doing a little shopping this weekend, kick it off right by browsing Macy's Super Saturday Sale.   This Week's Promotions

PS4 Vs. Xbox One — Which Console Is the Better Deal?

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding to buy either an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Most people default to tech specs as a basis of comparison, and while it’s been long-proven that the PlayStation 4 (PS4) is slightly more powerful than the Xbox One, in all honesty, the differences in game performance are hard to spot unless you’re really looking for them. If your goal is to play with friends who already own a system, or if there’s a game you’re interested in that’s o

When and Where to Find the Best PS4 Bundle Deals

One thing you learn quickly as a Slickdealer is that there are great deals to be had throughout the year on many sought-after items. Our users are very crafty and often go to great lengths to find different offer combinations that create incredibly slick deals. Take PlayStation 4 bundles, for example. Most people think Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the only times you'll see truly great deals for that console, but there was actually a sub $300 deal for it in May of last year. No Sho

Netflix Delays the Price Increase for Existing Subscribers

Netflix has delayed the subscription fee increase for grandfathered users that was supposed to go into effect today, May 9, which would increase the cost from $7.99 to $9.99 a month. If you remember our wildly discussed article from January when news first broke about the fee increase, you know that people weren't so thrilled about paying $2 more every month for the same service. Many were even prepared to cancel their Netflix subscription once the new plans would kick in. Since today

How to Find the Best Deals on DVD and Blu-ray Movies

Who doesn’t love a good movie? The big screen, the laughter of a shared joke, the epic scope and massive explosions of a major blockbuster; whatever you want to see, there’s a movie for you. Advancements in TV, sound system and Blu-ray technologies mean that it's easier than ever to bring the theater experience right to your home. While DVD’s and Blu-ray movies are a far cheaper option than going to the theater, they're not necessarily a bargain if you pay full retail price. Ho

Amazon Prime Monthly, Prime Exclusive Game Deals and a New Overpriced Kindle

All eyes have been on Amazon since the retail giant recently announced monthly Prime memberships for just $10.99. While that's definitely worthy of our attention, it's also stealing some thunder from this week's other top Amazon stories. To make sure you don't miss a beat, here's a breakdown of what else is trending. Amazon Reserving Some Games & Movies for Prime Members Only The Internet has been buzzing this week since Amazon quietly began restricting non-Prime members from purchas

Can You Really Trust Amazon Product Reviews?

If pouring over user reviews is part of your online shopping experience, it may be time to rethink your research strategy. It turns out that a good chunk of Amazon reviews are indeed phony, or at least not entirely unbiased. The sheer prevalence of five-star ratings is a red flag in itself. recently took a closer peek at 360,000 Amazon user reviews that spanned nearly 500 products. What they found was an abnormally high number of user-generated five-star ratings, especiall

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