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Post #61673610 added 09-01-2013 5:22 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
It does appear that the site is updating. Next month is now October by the way.
Post #61673592 added 09-01-2013 5:17 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
my officemax rewards page is not showing my pending rewards for next month? is it because the site is updating?
Post #61655042 added 08-30-2013 8:46 PM by bpvh in Hot Deals
Not yet. We anticipate a change soon due to the merger between OM and OD. We'll have to see when that happens. It's all speculation at this point.
Post #61654454 added 08-30-2013 8:10 PM by bpvh in Hot Deals
Thanks. Was not sure if OM had changed the program.
Post #61653976 added 08-30-2013 7:41 PM by bpvh in Hot Deals
That's the single reason we're all in the OM game.
Post #61653284 added 08-30-2013 6:59 PM by bpvh in Hot Deals
Does OM allow for the rollover of reward dollars? If I buy reward items with existing reward dollars, do I still get the reward for the new purchases?
Post #61652370 added 08-30-2013 5:55 PM by bpvh in Hot Deals
No one has received their backpack rewards yet. Per the terms and per history, the rewards will be paid out in September (business rewards members) or October (teacher rewards members) with the rest...
Post #61652132 added 08-30-2013 5:40 PM by bpvh in Hot Deals
has anyone gotten their rewards for the backpack purchases yet? mine is under awards for aug. are these awards usually given out at then end of the month?
Post #61652080 added 08-30-2013 5:36 PM by bpvh in Hot Deals
Post #61644560 added 08-30-2013 12:26 PM by bpvh in Hot Deals
Not really sure but leaning toward no. If I had to guess, somehow the select writing supplies link from the MaxPerks page became borked. For what it would be worth, you could contact...
Post #61641398 added 08-30-2013 10:49 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
items have changed on the max perks page, would I still get 100% maxperks reward
Post #61609490 added 08-28-2013 7:57 PM by bpvh in Hot Deals
So i went to recycle my ink this week, and they told me i was going to get triple rewards for recycling. I didnt make any purchases or anything just recycled.
Post #61574318 added 08-27-2013 11:00 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
If I recall, the last time I forwarded an email with this problem they told me they couldn't figure it out and to just make the order and they would reimburse me the $30 afterwards if I contact them....
Post #61568328 added 08-27-2013 6:35 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
ask them if they are a robot
Post #61568258 added 08-27-2013 6:28 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
Par for the course.
Post #61568228 added 08-27-2013 6:26 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
I forwarded them the WHOLE EMAIL, this is their response.... Thank you for your recent inquiry, We apologize however that coupon code is not a valid coupon. Was this a coupon that you...
Post #61562582 added 08-26-2013 7:30 PM by bpvh in Hot Deals
lol i had the same thing happen to me, except it was for 2 months purchased about 8 orders. I had no idea that my maxperks disappeared for those orders. But anyhow, i had to call OM and they inputted...
Post #61549700 added 08-26-2013 8:54 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
Correction. I just tried my most recent batch with a 31 aug exp date I just got as well and same thing, EXPIRED. My last batch that I had a couple weeks ago all worked fine.
Post #61549504 added 08-26-2013 8:44 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
Not that I recall the issue of a disappearing/appearing rewards number in the past, that has not been occurring recently. What I recall occurring in the past, at least for me, but not recently,...
Post #61549332 added 08-26-2013 8:34 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
Post #61548950 added 08-26-2013 8:11 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
No ideas. All I can add is that this happened to me a few months back and I called and spoke with a sup. He wanted the email fwded to him, so I did and then I followed up a few days later and...
Post #61548136 added 08-26-2013 7:23 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
I haven't placed an order for a long while, but as I recall, even when you have your number stored in the acct, at some point during the checkout the number actually does disappear. It shows up again...
Post #61548010 added 08-26-2013 7:10 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
So I received another round of the "We want you back" coupons yesterday morning with an expiration date of 08/31. They are coming up expired. This on a cleared cookie browser and checking out as...
Post #61547116 added 08-26-2013 5:02 AM by bpvh in Hot Deals
I reject your premise. Presumed does not equal ensure. And Ive been doing these for probably longer than Methuselah and its never happened to me because, wait for it...I ensured all was inserted...
Post #61545632 added 08-25-2013 11:41 PM by bpvh in Hot Deals
In for two each of the 100% Maxperks reward items. Thanks OP!
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