How to Choose the Best Tineco Cordless Vacuum

We review runtimes, tech and accessories to see which model is right for your home.

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If you need a little help deciding which of these two vacuums is best for your household, check out our handy guide below:


Tineco vacuums are cleanliness incarnate. Their model lineup includes four “smart” vacuums, seven cordless vacuums, one wet dry vacuum, and a smattering of accessories designed to keep your home neat, fresh and welcoming.

Sleek and modern, Tineco’s vacuums have more than 20 years worth of development and research behind them. Their “smart” selection includes a line of PURE ONE vacuums, while their standard vacuums include the A11 Master, the A11 Hero+, the A11 Hero, the A10 Master, the A10 Hero+ and the A10 Hero.

While the size of the entire lineup is relatively modest, there’s plenty to discuss regarding features and tech for each offering. We’re here to help you parse which Tineco cordless vacuum cleaner is right for you.

Tineco Cordless Vacuum Features Guide

Let’s begin with a quick dive into the most important features available with cordless Tineco vacuum cleaners.

Smart Models

All of Tineco’s “smart” vacuum cleaners are cordless, and this lineup includes four different tech-forward models. These vacuum cleaners are powered by built-in artificial intelligence to deliver a superior clean. Features like the iLoop Dust Sensor ensure that hidden dust and dirt is removed. And the Tineco App keeps you connected with your cleaner at all times.

Motor Power

More powerful motors generally deliver a more powerful clean, and certain Tineco motors are designed to be quieter than others, so as to not disturb young or furry family members. The Tineco vacuum lineup includes up to 450W motor power, or as little as 350W motor power depending on the model.

Battery Runtime

Knowing how long you’ll be vacuuming for will help you determine the importance of battery runtime. If your floor space is minimal and you don’t need much time to get the job done, runtime will be less critical in your selection.

If your floor space demands an hour of cleaning, however, you’ll want to get the right model for that need. For instance, the PURE ONE S12 offers up to 100 minutes of runtime, whereas the A11 Hero runs for up to 60 minutes.

Dustbin Capacity

Have fuzzy family members? If you typically fill up your dustbin after one round of vacuuming, you’ll want to look at the dustbin capacity. Households that don’t generally deal with pet hair or other large particles won’t necessarily need a larger dustbin. Some of the Tineco models have bigger dustbins than others, like the one-touch-empty .6-liter A11 Master dustbin.


Tineco vacuum cleaners come with a variety of accessories depending on the model at hand. The A10 Master, for instance, comes with multiple brushes, including the Mini power brush and the 2-in-Dusting brush. The A11 Master comes with seven accessories, including a long soft crevice tool and a pre filter cleaning tool.

Top Picks for Cordless Tineco Vacuums

All Tineco stick vacuum cleaners boast the “live easy, enjoy life” design language committed to by the brand. So to help you choose which model fits your life and home the best, we’re taking a look at three favorites. These models best demonstrate the range of features available among Tineco vacuum cleaners currently on the market.

Tineco PURE ONE S12

The Tineco PURE ONE S12 is the flagship model and falls under the “smart” line of Tineco’s vacuum cleaners. It’s powered by artificial intelligence and has an all-in-one LED display. Smart app integration makes keeping tabs on this vacuum’s performance a breeze. At full price, this model runs for $499.

The PURE ONE S12 utilizes Smart Filter Self Cleaning, which eliminates the need to literally rinse and repeat when cleaning your floors. It also has a lengthy runtime of up to 100 minutes, and the ultra-quiet motor has 145W of suction at max power. This model is perfect for the home that needs a longer, more intelligent clean on the regular.

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Tineco A11 Hero+

The Tineco A11 Hero+ is offered at $319 full price and enjoys 450W of motor power. This model runs for up to 60 minutes and can be mounted on a wall for easy storage. The wall mount has a dock for recharging and holds both the vacuum and three included accessories.

The A11 Hero+’s powerful motor is also powerfully quiet. It provides 120W of suction and, at its maximum, has five times the suction power of a normal DC motor in a cordless vacuum cleaner. This model has less suction power and less battery power than the PURE ONE S12, but it’s ideal for a medium-sized household interested in conserving space without sacrificing a deep clean.

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Tineco A10 Hero+

The Tineco A10 Hero+ is the most modestly priced vacuum of the three. It retails for $229 full price, but includes a slew of features that keep it competitive with its more expensive relatives. This model weighs just 2.87 pounds and comes with a wall-mounted docking station like the A11 Hero+.

This cordless vacuum has a 350W digital motor and an easy-to-empty dustbin — just touch a button and your bin is clean. The A10 Hero+ also features a filtration system that captures 99.99% of particles that get ejected while you’re trying to clean. It’s a solid choice for the cleanly household on a budget.

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