How to Save Almost $700 per Year on Household Essentials

Get everything your family needs for less with the help of Slickdeals.

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The secret’s out: Slickdeals is the online destination for finding deep discounts on your favorite things like electronics, shoes, and video games. But you can also use Slickdeals to find massive annual savings on basic household essentials!

We did the math for you to see how much money the average family of four can save each year on basic household essentials just by using our site. And wow, did it add up fast. Plus, we’ve got tips on how to save big and find the best deals on everything you need to keep the household running!

12 Examples of How Much You Can Save When Using Slickdeals

Household Essentials

Ready to save big with Slickdeals? We conducted market research on the average cost of 12 household essentials, and then compared them with common deal prices found on our forums.

Note that while you may not always be able to find sale prices exactly like the deals we have listed below, they offer a good starting point. Once you know what a decent deal looks like, you can make smarter choices going forward.

Additionally, if you find yourself paying more than the average price shown here for your typical grocery store brands, consider shopping elsewhere. High-end luxury brands will cost more than average, but don’t overpay unless you’re actually getting better quality.

Now on to the savings! Here’s what we found (and how much you stand to save) on each one:

1. Toilet Paper

Average Cost: $3.36 for a four-pack (84 cents per roll)

Slickdeals Cost: $4.84 for a 12-pack of Charmin Ultra Strong (40 cents per roll)

threadID: 11911187

Typical Use for a Family of Four: Between 200 and 400 rolls each year (

Potential Savings Per Year Using Slickdeals: $176 saved

As you can see, toilet paper usage varies considerably from family to family. It’s also one of the trickier items to price since every roll differs in total square feet. That said, a lot of people overspend on toilet paper, and you can save a lot by using Slickdeals.

Check out Slickdealer TofuVick‘s price analysis of several leading toilet paper brands for excellent insight into which rolls are worth your money.

2. Shampoo & Conditioner

Average Cost: $5.25 per 13.5 oz. bottle

Slickdeals Cost: $1.43 per 13.5 oz. bottle of Head & Shoulders

threadID: 11774991

Typical Use for a Family of Four: 32 bottles per year (16 shampoo and 16 conditioner) if you wash your hair two or three times per week. ( (

Potential Savings Per Year Using Slickdeals: $80.40 saved

This calculation is based on people who shower two or three times per week. If you wash your hair every day, however, you can potentially save even more using deals on our site.

3. Body Wash

Average Cost: $6 for a 22 oz. bottle

Slickdeals Cost: $11.61 for four 22 oz. bottles (or $2.90 per bottle)

threadID: 11888875

Typical Use for a Family of Four: 24 bottles per year (

Potential Savings Per Year Using Slickdeals: $74.40 saved

Body wash prices vary greatly by brand. Some drugstore lines cost a couple of dollars, while high-end formulas can cost $40 or $50 at Sephora.

But either way, set a Deal Alert for your favorite one and stockpile accordingly when the price is right!

4. Laundry Detergent

Average Cost: 12 cents per ounce or $6 for a 50 oz. bottle (21 cents per load) (

Slickdeals Cost: 99 cents for a 50 oz. bottle of Purex (3 cents per load)

threadID: 11902347

Typical Use for a Family of Four: Nearly 400 loads of laundry per year (

Potential Savings Per Year Using Slickdeals: $72 saved

400 loads of laundry per year may seem high, but it makes sense when you consider all those extra loads for towels, bedding, stains, etc.

Decreasing your price per load can yield huge savings over time.

5. Toothpaste

Average Cost: $3 per 6 oz. tube

Slickdeals Cost: $5.98 for four 6 oz. tubes of Colgate ($1.50 per tube)

threadID: 12011907

Typical Use for a Family of Four: Between 16 and 39 tubes per year ( ( (

Potential Savings Per Year Using Slickdeals: $58.50 saved

16 to 39 tubes per year may seem like a big range, but it all comes down to how often you brush your teeth and how much toothpaste you use each time.

You can stretch your tube further by using the dentist-recommended pea-size amount, and not the generous full-bristle spread most toothpaste commercials suggest.

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6. Paper Towels

Average Cost: $1.40 per roll (4 cents per square foot)

Slickdeals Cost: 90 cents per roll of Bounty Large Roll (2.6 cents per square foot)

threadID: 11842059

Typical Use for a Family of Four: Two rolls per week or 104 rolls per year (

Potential Savings Per Year Using Slickdeals: $52 saved

When it comes to paper towels, cheaper isn’t always better. Focus instead on each package’s total amount of square footage to ensure you’re getting a good deal for the price.

7. Dish Detergent

Average Cost: $17.50 for a 70-ct. package (25 cents per pack)

Slickdeals Cost: $11.20 for a 94-ct. package of Finish Powerball (12 cents per pack)

threadID: 11807695

Typical Use for a Family of Four: 365 packs per year (

Potential Savings Per Year Using Slickdeals: $47.45 saved

The typical family runs their dishwasher once a day, so buying in bulk can often yield the biggest price breaks.

8. Dish Soap

Average Cost: $1.98 for a 20 oz. bottle (10 cents per fluid ounce)

Slickdeals Cost: $11.90 for a six-pack set of 75 oz. bottles of Dawn dish soap (less than 3 cents per fluid ounce)

threadID: 10678748

Typical Use for a Family of Four: Thirty 20 oz. bottles per year (

Potential Savings Per Year Using Slickdeals: $42 saved

You may use more or less dish soap depending on whether or not you have a dishwasher.

If you hand-wash your dishes exclusively, then your annual dish soap savings can go even higher by using Slickdeals!

9. Trash Bags

Average Cost: $13.50 for a pack of 80 (17 cents per bag)

Slickdeals Cost: $11.05 for a pack of 100 Glad Tall Kitchen bags (11 cents per bag)

threadID: 11819111

Typical Use for a Family of Four: Five to seven bags per week (

Potential Savings Per Year Using Slickdeals: $21.84 saved

To find the best deals on trash bags, calculate the total cost per bag and aim for around 12 cents or less.

10. Disinfecting Wipes

Average Cost: $4.80 for an 80-ct. tub (6 cents per wipe)

Slickdeals Cost: $10 for four 80-ct. tubs of Lysol Handi-Pack Disenfecting Wipes (3 cents per wipe)

threadID: 11866819

Typical Use for a Family of Four: 730 wipes per year (9 tubs) (

Potential Savings Per Year Using Slickdeals: $20.70 saved

Wipe usage is apparently on the rise according to the Cleaning Institute, so be sure to set a Deal Alert if your family uses them regularly.

11. Batteries

Average Cost: $1.50 for one lithium AA battery

Slickdeals Cost: $10.35 for a 12-ct. package of Energizer lithium AA batteries (86 cents per battery)

threadID: 11830023

Typical Use for a Family of Four: 32 batteries per year (

Potential Savings Per Year Using Slickdeals: $20.48 saved

We all need extra batteries to keep on hand in our junk drawers, so getting them almost half-off is definitely a slick deal.

12. Facial Tissues

Average Cost: $4.97 for four 80-ct. boxes ($1.24 per 80-ct.)

Slickdeals Cost: $11.40 for eight 160-ct. Kleenex boxes + a $5 Target gift card (40 cents per 80-ct.)

threadID: 11902095

Typical Use for a Family of Four: Eight to 12 boxes per year (

Potential Savings Per Year Using Slickdeals: $10.11 saved

The average family may only save $10 on facial tissues using our deals, but allergy sufferers can enjoy some serious relief with these prices.

Total Yearly Savings on Household Essentials When Using Slickdeals

Household EssentialsHere’s a breakdown of your potential savings per year:

  • Toilet paper: $183.04 saved
  • Shampoo & conditioner: $80.40 saved
  • Body wash: $74.40 saved
  • Laundry detergent: $72 saved
  • Toothpaste: $58.50 saved
  • Paper towels: $52 saved
  • Dish detergent: $47.45 saved
  • Dish soap: $42 saved
  • Trash bags: $21.84 saved
  • Disinfecting wipes: 20.70 saved
  • Batteries: $20.48 saved
  • Facial tissues: $10.11 saved

When you add it all up, the average family of four can save $675.88 or more each year by using Slickdeals alone!

7 Tips for Finding Good Deals on Household Basics

Household Essentials1. Buy in Bulk: One of the easiest ways to save money on toiletries and cleaning products is buying in bulk. Consider shopping at wholesale warehouses like Sam’s Club or Costco. Or purchase multiples at, which lowers the price on certain items when you buy more. The price difference may seem small, but the savings add up over time.

2. Crunch the Numbers: When it comes to finding great deals on household essentials, you’ll need to look at more than just the price tag. Consider an item’s price per ounce, and compare toilet paper based on its total amount of square feet as opposed to number of rolls.

3. Clip Coupons: Make a sale price even better with good old-fashioned manufacturer’s coupons. Household essentials are the bread and butter of most coupon pages, so they’re easy to find. Either clip them from your local newspaper or print them out online.

4. Add Rebates: Rebate apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, and BerryCart are excellent ways to score retroactive savings on everyday essentials. Just download the apps, browse their current offers, and submit your receipt to get money back on a wide range of products.

5. Compare Prices: Check several retailers to see which of your favorite stores typically offer the best price. And when you do find a slick deal on something you know you’ll use, stockpile accordingly.

6. Splurge Wisely: Sure, you can find $1 shampoo, but it may not be your top choice. Live your best life and buy the things you love. Just do it like a Slickdealer. For instance, if you want high-end haircare, stock up during ULTA Beauty’s Jumbo Event to score liters of the good stuff for $12.99.

7. Do Your Research: At Slickdeals, you can easily get an idea of what a good price really is (and isn’t) with a quick search through our recent forum posts. You can also set a Deal Alert for your go-to brands to ensure you’re the first to know about any extra-special Frontpage prices.


How do you save money on basic household essentials? And what would you do with an extra $682.92 in your pocket? Let us know in the comments!

Images courtesy of Walmart.

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