Still Need to Buy Your Next-Gen Console? Here Are Your Best Chances

There are numerous retailers that will offer online purchases for both consoles on their launch days and Black Friday.

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If you didn’t manage to land a pre-order for either the PS5 or Xbox Series X, you’re not out of luck just yet. Both Sony and Microsoft will be shipping out inventory throughout the rest of the year—most notably on each console’s launch day (November 10th for the Xbox Series X and November 12th for the PS5) and Black Friday.

Here are the best places to find a PS5 or Xbox Series X before the end of the year.

Where to Buy a PlayStation 5

Throughout the rest of 2020, all major retailers are anticipated to periodically restock the PS5. We don’t have exact dates or timelines for these inventory drops outside launch day or Black Friday, but it would be wise to keep your eyes glued to the web for any announcements from either Sony or your local retailers.

PlayStation 5 Availability on Launch Day

Due to the ongoing pandemic, most PlayStation 5 sales for the remainder of the year will occur online. That means there’s no need to camp out in front of your local Best Buy on launch day. Instead, camp out on your computer and keep refreshing the following pages, as these spots are confirmed to be taking online orders on November 12th:


PlayStation 5 inventory will be refreshed at numerous times throughout the day. Check its website at the following times to try and secure your next-gen console:

  • 12 p.m. ET
  • 3 p.m. ET
  • 6 p.m. ET
  • 9 p.m. ET


Pre-order confirmations have finally been sent out, and hopes are high that consoles will be restocked on launch day. Of course, ordering a PS5 from Amazon probably means you won’t get it the same day, but it’ll likely be a great spot to try and secure the elusive system.

Best Buy

Best Buy won’t have any consoles in stores until 2021, but you can still buy one online and opt for in-store pickup. There’s no word on how often its stock will be replenished, but it’s definitely one to keep your eyes on through the rest of the year.


You’ll be able to order a PS5 online and pick it up in-store by selecting the Order Pickup or Drive Up delivery method at checkout.

PlayStation 5 Availability on Black Friday

Not able to get a console on launch day? GameStop has said it will have a minimum of two PS5 consoles at each of its stores on Black Friday. Stores will be opening at 7 a.m. local times, so make sure to get there early. Otherwise, check out the following retailers that are confirmed to have a limited stock on Black Friday (again, you’ll need to place your orders online before heading to the store for pick up):

xbox series x and playstation 5 digital
Xbox Series X and Playstation 5

Where to Buy an Xbox Series X

Like Sony, Microsoft is expected to send out shipments of its next-gen consoles throughout 2020. However, outside of launch day and Black Friday, your guess as to when a restock will occur is as good as ours. Microsoft will likely make announcements before consoles are sent out to store shelves, so be on the lookout for updates through the rest of the year.

Xbox Series X Availability on Launch Day

Unlike PS5, it’s possible Xbox Series X will be available in-store at a few different stores on November 10th—Microsoft hasn’t released an official statement restricting purchases to online only. Most retailers, however, are limiting purchases to online only.


Available for online purchase, with inventory going live at 12 p.m. ET on November 10th.


Launch day is limited to online only, but you can use Order Pickup or Drive Up options to pick it up without waiting for long shipping times. After that, Target said in a tweet, “you may be able to purchase directly in stores, if the product is still available.”

Best Buy

The electronics giant is also suggesting the console will be in-stock on launch day. Like other stores, it’s limited to online purchases only.

Xbox Series X Availability on Black Friday

All is not lost if you can’t pick up a Series X on November 10th. Details are still scarce and not much has been made official about Series X availability on November 27th. However, these retailers are your best chances of picking up Microsoft’s new console on Black Friday:

Best Buy

The chain’s recent Black Friday ad claims that the console will be in stock, although limited quantities will be available. Whether or not that means you’ll have any luck finding one is probably dependent on your location. And, based on recent announcements, it sounds like you’ll still need to order online before picking it up in the store.


Nothing is mentioned in the company’s latest ad, however, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few consoles up for sale later this month.


There’s no official word yet, but it’s likely Target will let you purchase a console online and pick it up in-store on Black Friday. Keep an eye out for any new Black Friday ads for confirmation.


It’s bound to have a limited quantity of Series X’s in stock, but shipping might take a few days depending on your location.


Like with the PS5, GameStop has said it will have a minimum of two Xbox Series X consoles at all of its stores on Black Friday, making it one of the only stores with an in-person shopping option. The game retailer says stores will be opening up at 7 a.m. local times, so make sure to queue up early.

If you’re not ready to drop upward of $500 on a new console, make sure to set up a Deal Alert and we’ll let you know when these next-gen systems first go on sale.

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