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Dell Technologies Can Help Small Businesses Transition Comfortably to Remote Work

There are several bundles available that give employers everything they need to shift to remote working

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The coronavirus is forcing employers to rethink their entire business strategy, and for many, accommodating remote workers is now a necessity.

Not only does remote work mitigate the spread of the virus, it also helps boost morale among workers. Research has shown employees who work from home are generally more satisfied than their in-office colleagues, and in times of crisis, having a seamless work from home game plan helps minimize unnecessary panic.

Regardless of how big your company is, making the switch to regular remote work isn’t an easy process. Beyond figuring out what software you’ll use to hold meetings, troubleshooting IT issues with employees’ home networks and keeping the wheels of operation turning under duress, small business owners need to make sure their staff has all the tools they need to succeed. Thankfully, this is one part of the process that can be simplified.

Dell Technologies offers customers “Work From Home Solutions,” or products that are tailor-made for the home office.

Shop Remote Work Essentials at Dell Technologies

We’ve gathered up a few of our favorite discount work from home products and paired them with a few other recommended tools. Whether you’re managing a team of five or a company of 50, you can use Dell Technologies’ products to assemble a remote workforce that is happier, safer and (possibly) more productive than ever.

Recommended Remote Office Bundles from Dell Technologies

Getting Started Bundle

The aptly named “Getting Started Bundle” is the perfect solution for employees who don’t need a high-powered computer. To be clear, the computer included in this bundle – the Vostro 15 5590 laptop – comes highly recommended for almost all work-related tasks. If you mostly use your work computer for things like Microsoft Office, G Suite or Outlook, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this affordable 15″ laptop. Plus, it rarely goes on sale, making the current discount all the more appealing.

Check Out this Bundle Price at Dell Technologies

However, if you’re constantly using processor-hungry video editing software, you might experience a bit of slowdown with the included laptop. If that’s the case, be sure to check out some of the other bundles at Dell Technologies as there are several that offer the power you’ll need.

Getting Started Bundle Breakdown ($1,059)

Dell Technologies pairs the Vostro with a S-Pro 23″ monitor, docking station and a wireless keyboard and mouse. We’re inclined to agree with these selections.

  • Vostro 15 5590 Laptop – Sale Price: $772.03 | Regular Price: $1,141.43
  • Dell Adapter – Sale Price: $56.99 | Regular Price: $74.99
  • Dell Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – Sale Price: $79.99 | Regular Price: $89.99
  • Dell S-Pro 23 Monitor – Sale Price: $139.99 | Regular Price: $229.99

Going Full-Time Bundle

If you’re looking to offer employees the opportunity to become full-time remote workers, you’ll want to provide them with the same basic tools you’d expect to find in a traditional office. To maximize longterm remote productivity, it’s important to consider all the gear and accessories your team will need to be successful.

With this bundle you’ll get an upgraded mouse and keyboard, a 23″ monitor, a Pro Stereo Headset for calling into meetings and a 13″ laptop that’s great for travel. In fact, this package is so well-equipped there are no additional products we’d recommend on top of what’s already included.

Check Out this Bundle at Dell Technologies

The XPS 13 Laptop featured in this bundle typically goes on sale every month for around $900—just make sure you check out the specs before making a purchase. The XPS 13 comes in a variety of configurations, so it’s good practice to compare the specs from each vendor.

Going Fulltime Bundle ($1,399)

  • XPS 13 7390 Laptop – Sale Price: $1,031.03 | Regular Price: $1,059.99
  • Dell Mobile Adapter – Sale Price: $69.99 | Regular Price: $99.99
  • Dell S-Pro 23 Monitor – Sale Price: $139.99 | Regular Price: $229.99
  • Dell Premier Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – Sale Price: $74.99 | Regular Price: $99.99
  • Jabra Evolve 30 II MS Stereo Headset – Regular Price: $83.00

Other Useful Dell Technologies Work From Home Products

What if you don’t need a bundle? What if employees already have work laptops they use while in-office? If that’s the case, you may want to consider these stand-alone home office products.

Ideally, employees should have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset and possibly a printer depending on the type of work they’re performing. If employees will occasionally be working from home then the budget, entry-level choices will likely get the job done. On the other hand, if you’re aiming to build a full-time remote workforce, it’s advisable to spring for the more premium options, as they’ll ultimately be more reliable and ergonomic.

Although many of these items don’t receive regular discounts, you can find similar Dell Technologies products listed every week on Slickdeals. Be sure to shop around to find the best sales, but we still recommend everything listed below, even at MSRP.

Keyboard and Mouse

Dell Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (KM636) – Sale Price: $34.99 | Regular Price: $49.99

Dell Premier Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (KM717) – Sale Price: $74.99 | Regular Price: $99.99


Dell S-Pro 23″ Monitor – Sale Price: $159.99 | Regular Price: $229.99

Dell S-Pro 27″ Monitor – Sale Price: $244.99 | Regular Price: $309.99


Sennheiser Culture SC Headset – Sale Price: $48.00 | Regular Price: $50.00

Dell Pro Stereo Headset – Regular Price: $79.99


Dell Docking Station – Sale Price: $239.99 | Regular Price: $299.99

Dell Thunderbolt DockSale Price: $264.99 | Regular Price: $329.99


Epson Inkjet Printer– Sale Price: $89.99 | Regular Price: $179.99

Lexmark Color Duplex Laser Printer– Sale Price: $154.98 | Regular Price: $299.00

You can also set up a Deal Alert to get the best possible price for whatever you need for a home office.

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