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This big ball of sound has the power to project your music in all directions.

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There is a high likelihood that your next smartphone will ditch the 3.5mm headphone port, if it hasn’t already. We’ve gone over the ways to find the best deal on Bluetooth headphones, but how do you keep the party going at home when there isn’t an AUX cord to pass around?

Thankfully, there are a growing number of options for wireless speakers from trusted brands like Sonos, Bose, and even Dell. We turned up the volume with Dell’s new Wireless 360 Speaker System to see if this $130 option is right for you.

Take Your Music Everywhere

While the Dell Wireless 360 Speaker may look about the size of a softball in promotional photos, the actual speaker is a large, 7.5-inch diameter globe. The spherical design gives omnidirectional sound to fill any room in your house with audio from your devices.

It looks perfect in the corner of your room or on a desk, and can even connect to a second Wireless 360 Speaker — if it’s within eyesight and less than 32 feet away — using Dell’s True Wireless Stereo feature.

The 26-watt system has a built-in amplifier, and sound is channeled through three 2.25-inch full-range speakers. The Wireless 360 Speaker has an integrated battery for around six hours of use, but it can also remain plugged in to the included AC adapter. It even has a built-in USB port to keep your phone charged up when you’re out sharing your music with the world.

Fill the Room with Sound

The speaker features buttons on top to pair via Bluetooth, control volume, mute audio, and answer/end phone calls. Pairing is as simple as holding down the Bluetooth button and searching for the speaker on your device.

Sound quality is extremely clear, and the range of sound is well beyond what we have seen in other budget Bluetooth systems. With a maximum sound output level of 93 dB, the Wireless 360 Speaker can project your music into even the most cavernous rooms of your home. The larger size offers very clean highs and punchy lows.

For those looking to save space, this stand-alone speaker could easily replace a traditional setup of two desktop speakers and a subwoofer. However, unlike some of the competition — such as the JBL Playlist — the Wireless 360 Speaker does not connect to Wi-Fi and is not able to utilize a system like Chromecast to extend the distance you can project your music. It can be used for conference calls though, while the similarly priced JBL Playlist cannot.

Entertainment Meets Productivity

Overall, Dell’s Wireless 360 Speaker System is powerful enough to be an all-in-one solution for your office or home audio.

The Bluetooth connection with included conference call support makes it a perfect addition to any office desk, especially for those who dock their devices and want a quick way to connect/disconnect their speakers.

Visit Dell.com to add versatility and omnidirectional sound to any indoor locale with the Wireless 360 Speaker System.


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