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Ways Our Slickdeals Community is Helping Each Other Right Now

Our 11 million users have come together as a family to help one another through trying times

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At Slickdeals, we’re more than just a money-saving site. We’re a community (11 million+ strong) — and that’s never been more apparent than in recent weeks. Our users have banded together as a family to help one another get through these trying times. Our community of engaged deal-savvy members finds great deals daily to help people “save everywhere” — and now, they are also sharing helpful tips in our public forums and crowdsourcing useful information to help each other during this time.

Slickdeals user (since 2004) and SD community manager Schooby created a new forum thread (an online place for conversation) called “Slickdealers helping each other out.” Ahead are just a few of the ways and helpful tips people are sharing there and in our other public forums.

They’re Pointing People to ‘Free’ Warehouse Store Memberships

As early as March 10, Slickdeals community member and Pro Deal Hunter rsvpd posted about Groupon deal for a ‘free’ Sam’s Club membership which after cash gift cards and freebies makes the $35 (reduced) annual membership essentially ‘free.’ They also took the time to list all of the important details about the offer in the same post.

They’re Updating Families in Need on Where to Access Free Meals (in NYC and NJ)

Slickdeals member $lick (who joined the community in 2004) shared a post on April 6, with the title “NYC and NJ only: Free meals available daily for any New Yorker from World Central Kitchen & NYC Schools.” Within 24 hours, the thread received over 11,000 views and 51 comments, plus a helpful update from the original poster with additional info: “These meals are available to anyone in the area who needs extra support during this uncertain time. Using our expertise as a food logistics organization, [World Central Kitchen] are distributing meals at the designated sites listed below during lunchtime. They are individually-packed fresh meals, ready to heat at home.”

They’re Helping People Find and Create Mask Alternatives to N95 and Medical-Grade Masks

While medical-grade masks are reserved for medical personnel due to a lack of PPE (personal protective equipment) for workers on the front line of the US pandemic, the Slickdeals community has started an intense discussion of new masks being offered for sale, which includes a Community Wiki page to offer more context and resources to those in need. One example is a recent post on April 5 from user zephyr213 which lists “KN95” masks in stock and has over a quarter of a million views and 387 comments from the community to date. Others online are also posting links to free mask tutorials to make your own fabric masks at home and DIY info with links to the CDC guidelines as well.

They’re Sharing Detailed Lists of Updated Store Hours

On March 19, Slickdeals user quannieqt uploaded an extensive master list of store hours (alphabetized to easily find your local store) with reduced hours. They also called out special shopping hours for 65-plus, pregnant women and those with disabilities where they could.

They’re Compiling Free Food Delivery Master Lists

We counted 35 free food delivery offers in the comprehensive list posted by Slickdeals Pro forum member OptimusPrimeAutobot along with 75 comments from the Slickdeals community noting additional popular or free food deals.

They’re Posting Deals for Medical Professionals and First Responders

Pro Deal Hunter Serra posted on March 24, that “medical [personnel] and first responders will receive free accommodations at any OYO Hotels in the United States so they can sleep, shower or just get off their feet and recharge” and included links, codes and phone numbers to get more information. While Slickdeals community user max1001 posted (on April 10) another extensive list of 35+ fast food deals, freebies and free deliveries pointing out the ones that also offer free food or steep discounts for those risking their lives and serving on the front lines of this nationals crisis.

They’re Offering Advice on Sleeping Soundly During Stressful Times

On March 30, Slickdealer Jokester71713 offered great advice for “anybody having trouble sleeping or taking naps with everybody home” by suggesting “using a sound spa or downloading a free one on your phone.” They also pointed people to the free “pink” noise apps at Google play and suggested trying out the 10-hour white and pink noise videos on YouTube.

In response, Ms.arteest (who joined the community in 2010) responded by sharing their own experience and tips for quality sleep: “I have trouble sleeping and I’ve found that an app called Relax Melodies helps me. It has all sorts of sounds that you can use to create a personal sleep sound or you can use one of a number of presets. You can also add in binaural beats and isochonic sounds that work with your brainwaves to relax you and help you to reach REM sleep more quickly.”

They’re Sharing What To Keep Extras of

Beyond the basics like toilet paper, canned goods and non-perishable food, ProfessorChaos suggests getting extra supplies of any medications “to be covered in case supplies get low and to avoid having to go to the pharmacy if it’s been advised to stay home.”

Back on March 3, iamiamian shared their list of helpful items to stock up on (zinc lozenges was listed alongside gloves, at the time) and they also included precautions used for influenza seasons, which are still relevant now and good to revisit.

They’re Advising When (and Where) To Shop

Several Slickdealers shared which items were available at their local retailers to help others searching for specific goods. Jokester713713 reported in the “Stocking Up for Coronavirus” conversation thread that they “went to Walmart [West Coast] this morning [March 23], toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and wipes were available. Limit one.”

Schooby added really helpful info and discovery that “if you live around a Gordon Food service (for restaurants) location (out near MI..WI, IL, MO, OH, PA, KY, TN, NY and even FL) you can get things there with no membership. They had paper towels! lol they also had eggs.”

As for when to shop for essentials? baygdav offered their insight, “You’d have to hit up a Target or supermarket at opening the morning after they get a night shipment to restock tp, wipes, etc.”

And according to ProfessorChaos, “Grocery stores are pretty empty after midnight, something to keep in mind.”

They’re Sharing How to Stack Coupons to Save Even More

User jonny118 shared a very long list of CVS drugstores’ latest CRTs (cash register tape coupons) to help families stretch strained budgets. They also included current cash card offers, as well as unadvertised deals. Plus, more Slickdeals community members chimed in (in the comments section) with more tips and ways they use these coupons and CRTs.

They’re Recommending Go-To Products and Where to Buy Them

Hand-washing can take a toll on your skin, but several Slickdealers shared their favorite products to help heal your sensitive skin.

CheapestGamer uses “Jergen’s ultra-moisturizing hand wash. It’s been relegated to a dollar store brand at this point. I grabbed 2-3 bottles worth from the closest Dollar Tree. It really works to keep the skin from drying out.”

Slickdealer noungning says, “Nivea Creme is awesome. Buy a jar when you buy your hand soap.”

Zoe Moon‘s “doctor’s office uses Medline Remedy Nutrashield with Silicone. They gave me a tube as I get terrible chapping on my hands in the winter and it works really well. You can buy it on Amazon.”

They’re Sharing Cleaning Dos. And They’re Sharing Important Cleaning Don’ts

Slickdealer lucky gecko offered up a shortlist of important cleaning don’ts. They warn if you’re trying to make your own cleaning solutions to never mix these ingredients together as it could lead to very toxic results, even death.

This important list includes items you should NOT mix: 

  • Do not mix Bleach + Vinegar
  • Do not mix Bleach + Ammonia
  • Do not mix Bleach + Alcohol
  • Do not mix Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar
  • Do not mix Bleach + Toilet Bowl Cleaner

They’re Suggesting Product Swaps

If you can’t find bleach at a store near you, luckygecko adds, “I just went over to the pool/lawn/garden section and got pool bleach. 10% vs 6% so watch your hands.”

They’re Offering Food and Cooking Tips

Slickdealer Schooby in a conversation thread called “Quarantine Food” recommends trying the SuperCook app, which lets you “input things you have in the pantry and it helps with recipes.”

Zoe Moon in the same forum suggests watching YouTube’s Food Wishes (joyfully narrated by Chef John who has 3 million subscribers to their how-to cooking videos) because he “shows you how to make all sorts of foods and as he’s showing you how to make the dish he suggests alternative ingredients which will work just as well if you don’t have all the items the recipe called for.”

Slickdealer finzz2dlft highly recommended buying shelf-stable milk. “It still seems to be readily available. I grabbed some at Dollar Tree today and Kroger had some, as well.”

LC2 says, “If you live in [a] studio apartment or don’t have access to a stovetop, an instant pot can be a great all-in-one tool to cook at home.

They’re Looking Out for Each Other

Schooby offered a reminder “to all… please be extra vigilant and remind family to beware that more hackers/phishing attempts will arise at this time. As more people work from home it seems many have ramped up their game. My mom asked about some new emails and I had to remind her to never click a link and told her it will likely happen a lot more.”

We invite you to join the conversation and access helpful advice from our community, and share information in these public forums.

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