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For herbivores, vegetable lovers and those who simply like to slice everything razor-thin with precision, you can save over $80 on a Shun Premier Nakiri Knife at several different retailers. Purpose-designed, nakiri knives are best used for chopping, slicing and dicing vegetables.

Unlike a chef’s knife, you don’t cut by rocking with the wrist, but rather by pushing forward and down onto whatever it is that you are cutting. Made of Shun’s signature hammered “super steel,” Shun’s handcrafted knives are ultra-sharp and require little maintenance over time. As far as upscale knives go, this is a remarkably good price for the value.

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Why Should I Buy This $125 Knife?

We will let the Slickdeals populace speak on things you need to know about the Shun Premier Nakiri knife.

“This is a better deal for most people. 6.5-7″ is the standard size for a nakiri. For only $10 extra, it’s worth it for most people to get a full size one. I’d consider the 5.5″ version if you, or the person you’re buying it for, is very petite, or will work in a very cramped space.” — BaldS

“I have had this knife for 3 years and never sharpened it and it is still the sharpest knife in my kitchen. When I first bought it, it could cut through the paper test easily. It is a thing of beauty and is the perfect size.” — Hasassin

“Dwight Schrute told me that this knife outperforms the competition.” — drummer86

Ways to Access the Deal

Multiple retailers are currently offering a discount on the Shun Nakiri Knife, all for a little under $125. This might seem redundant, but if you have a special card, rewards or credit with a particular retailer, you can save even more on this luxurious tool.

  1. Amazon. Shipping is free for Prime members, but the knife won’t be back in stock until February 14th. If you were planning on surprising your significant other with a huge sharp knife, this just isn’t your year.
  2. Williams-Sonoma. This option is great for those who value instant gratification, as you have the option to pick your knife up at the store. You also have the option to get it monogrammed. If there are no locations near you or they are out of stock, you can get free shipping when you use the promo code SHIP4FREE at checkout.
  3. Cutlery and More. You can get free two-day shipping with your order. If you spend a little more money on Cutlery and More, you can earn a $20 to $50 gift card towards your next purchase.
  4. Macy’s. It costs 5 cents more at Macy’s than the previous retailers, but that’s hardly of consequence with this huge of a deal. The entire Shun Premier Cutlery collection is currently on sale at Macy’s, so this is the place to go if you want to complete the set.
  5. Bed Bath & Beyond. A handful of stores have this item in stock, but it is online-only for the most part. Shipping is free, and you can even stack a BBB 20% off coupon on top of the sale price, bringing it down to around $100.

                                                                                                            Thanks to BaileysHouse for posting the original deal thread.

Deal Value: Save over 40% on a Shun Premier Nakiri Knife.
Timeframe: Until further notice or while supplies last.
Things to Know: Check each retailer to ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal. Stack coupons where applicable.

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