Your New Favorite Bulk Shopping Website?

Opinions are split among Slickdeals users when it comes to trying out the new shopping site set to compete with Amazon.

To say I rely on the Internet for most of my shopping would be an understatement. As a tech-savvy Millennial, my preferred method of purchasing everything from gifts to groceries is the Web. That being said, I’m always scouting out new ways to get items to my door quickly and affordably. flew onto my radar after a number of media outlets began reporting on its growing rivalry with Amazon. Known for its Prime membership, Amazon can get you what you need within days (or hours, depending on your location), at no extra cost for shipping. When I heard that Jet might be giving it some stiff competition, I had to check it out.

What Exactly Is

There are a few things that immediately jump out at you when you log onto First, its sleek, modern design makes it feel like it will be simple to use and navigate. This is particularly attractive to online shoppers, like me, who don’t want any fuss while buying one or two items.

However, I also immediately noticed that I probably won’t be buying one or two items on Jet. The words, “club price,” tipped me off to the fact that Jet may be more appealing to shoppers looking to buy in bulk (not me). As I kept scrolling, I read through some of Jet’s features, encouraging me to “build a big cart” to save more on shipping. Again, it was easy to see that the name of the game is spending to save.

Slickdeals Users Speak Out

I had to wonder if I was the only one who was questioning the benefits of using As of right now, it seems like most consumers are happy with the services they already use, but some are liking it.

And for those of you who use the Slickdeals forum, there has been plenty of discussion on there as well about One member wrote, “I can find cheaper elsewhere without paying [for a] membership.” Another member argued that it’s best to only buy what you need, as bulk items can quickly spoil and go to waste.

Screen shots Screen shots

The Price Breakdown

The standard 1-year membership price for is $49.99. However, you can register for free and use the website, free of charge, for the first three months. promises not to auto-enroll you afterward, which is a bonus for people like me, who find auto-enroll to be a huge turn-off. Let’s see how this compares to competitors’ prices.

  • Amazon Prime. $99.99 per year. Free same-day delivery in select cities, free two-day shipping.
  • Walmart ShippingPass. $50 per year. Unlimited three-day shipping on qualifying ShippingPass items.
  • Sam’s Club. $45 per year for the basic Sam’s Savings membership. Savings can be accrued through bulk shopping at Sam’s Club store locations.
  • Costco Wholesale. $55 per year for the basic membership. Savings are accrued through bulk shopping at Costco warehouse locations.

The Bottom Line

I am not a fan of bulk shopping for a number of reasons. The biggest one was cited earlier in this article – bulk shopping often results in wasted money when perishables expire. No matter how much planning I do, this inevitably happens to me when I buy in bulk.

Another big reason why I wouldn’t regularly use is because I don’t buy into companies that push the “Spend more, save more” argument on consumers. As a buyer who is trying to save money, there’s really no appeal to me. Splurging to “save” a few bucks is pretty ironic, in my opinion.

For now, I’m going stick with Amazon Prime, which will allow me to only buy what I need. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give a spin. Just think twice before you fork over $49.99 once your three-month trial is up.

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I just knew Amazon before, well, more choice now.
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Our community has rated this post as helpful. If you agree, why not rep jrocks18?
=14px"We just don't believe you should pay a fee to get a better price," said Walmart spokesman Ravi Jariwala. (Regarding the Amazon Prime Sale)

=14pxI'm thinking he is unaware of SAMS CLUB , which is owned by Walmart. However, I'm pumped over Jet and other my mom was talking about Jet a week or two back...
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I got in on the free one year membership deal and I saved significant money on cat litter over what Amazon and Chewy charged for the same brand. Amazon also charges state taxes. The free shipping does take longer though.
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I don't mind when people take issue with I've been in beta testing since the first round, have placed over a dozen orders, and will continue to buy household items at ridiculously low prices. I'm buying baby wipes at $11 that normally cost $22. Finding antibacterial wipes we normally pay $3 for at walmart and getting them from Jet for 50 cents because of my other items in my cart.

Some take issue with the savings system being vague and I can understand that to an extent. What I don't understand is why people complain about finding items they normally buy MUCH cheaper at Jet than elsewhere. Why not just ride the gravy train and enjoy the ride and not worry about the little issues of a new company going through the growing pains of perfecting a new way to shop that saves money?
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#6 customer service is MILES behind amazon. They have way too many price mistakes that will never get honored, causing people to go out of their way to return the items at FedEx locations ONLY. There is no chance that I will use this site again. I'm ready to see fail.
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All these comments are the exact opposite of what I and people I know experienced. Signed up for the trial, placed an order (and card was authorized immediately) and was told to expect my tracking number soon. Instead 3 days later I get an email which I thought would be my tracking number saying the order couldn't be fulfilled. I reached out to their support to see if they would compensate for their error, and received 2 fluffy email's basically blaming a 3rd party and saying there is nothing they can do. Multiple coworkers ordered items with the same or similar experience. Bad First (and last) experience.
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I'm also a big fan of their CB perk, where you can get CB as Jet Credit. I placed one big order on Adidas and essentially got free sandwich wraps for a month as a result.
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From my experience Jet do honor their price. The must package their good securely, cause some of item gone missing due to shipping. Must seal those packages good!!!
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So far it's been a good experience. My first order through them was for a new New Nintendo 3ds. The price goes for $199 and I paid $147 for it. I already received the product and it was fulfilled by Toys "R" Us showing a price of $199. I am waiting for my second order which was for a new Nintendo 3ds game "Luigi Mansion: Dark Moon" which goes for around $30 and I paid $17 for it, supposed to be fulfilled by Newegg.
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I liked it; got a bunch of things for very little...

They are doing a brave thing; jumping in after Amazon has sort of taken over the market. I wish them luck.

Will certainly buy more as long as the prices are good.
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