10 Reasons You Should Be Using Slickdeals Right Now

The secret's out. Here are some sure-fire ways to find the best deals!

At Slickdeals, we work hard to help you find the best deals. To do this, some of the products featured here are from our partners, who may provide us with compensation. However, this doesn’t influence our opinions. Our views are our own.

Slickdeals is all about helping everyone find the lowest prices at their favorite stores, and while our deals provide a ton of value, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Your path to uncovering the treasures that lie beneath starts with simply registering for a free account — then you’ll be on your way to benefiting from even more features to help maximize your savings.

Between our Deal Alerts, up-to-the-minute coupon codes, breaking deal news, free giveaways, and stellar, in-the-know community, you’ll never be out of the loop. Here are 10 lesser-known but very effective ways to get the most out of Slickdeals.

1. Discover More Deals with Category Pages

If you’re looking for more specific deals and insights, go past the homepage and dig into the category pages — for example, Video Games, 4K TVs, Computers, or Cameras. You can find shortcuts for popular categories at the top of the site, just below the main navigation bar.

These sections feature discounted products that may not make it to the front page for a variety of reasons — the item sold out, the deal expired too quickly, or the product may be too niche for a general audience (but they could be a perfect match to what you’re looking for!).

The category pages are a great place to find hidden bargains and catch them before they potentially appear on the front page of Slickdeals, where the chances of selling out are much higher.

2. Save Money On-the-Go with our Mobile App

Don’t limit your money-saving efforts to just when you’re behind a computer. The Slickdeals mobile app offers an easy-to-use experience so you can deal hunt wherever your adventures take you.

The mobile app offers all of Slickdeals’s best features, like quick access to Featured, Frontpage, and Popular deals, along with one-press shortcuts to coupons, forums, and deal alerts.

Download the Slickdeals mobile app on your iPhone (App Store) or Android smartphone (Google Play Store).

P.S. — This year we’ll be bringing the Black Friday experience into the main Slickdeals app. It used to be a separate app, but this November you can get your ad scans and Black Friday deals and alerts all in the same place!

3. Follow Your Favorite Users

Just as foodies follow their favorite cooking show hosts for the latest recipes, you can follow your favorite Slickdeals users for the best deals.

As a registered Slickdeals user, you can click on any username to visit an individual’s profile page and catch a glimpse of his/her stats, reputation, deals posted, and so on.

Once you start identifying valuable deals from your favorite stores and categories, you’ll likely notice a few users who routinely post the best finds. Go ahead and follow them!

It’s similar to setting up a Deal Alert in that you’ll get a notification whenever they post a new deal, leave a comment, etc. If, for example, you love Kohl’s, daisybeetle is a popular user who routinely posts insider info on Kohl’s deals.

Additional power-users to consider following: revone (tech & electronics), serra (travel), tofuvic (household goods), discombobulated (video games), and iconian (cameras and watches).

4. Get Instant Notifications with Deal Alerts

Being glued to a screen, constantly hitting the refresh button is a pretty old-school way to go about finding deals. Why not let an automated system do it for you?

Setting a Deal Alert — based on keywords, stores, brands, and more — is an easy way to have exactly the deals you want come directly to you via e-mail or push notification on the Slickdeals mobile app.

Deal Alerts come in especially handy for things that are popular but expire quickly — think price mistakes (which can expire within a matter of minutes!), limited-quantity deals, limited-time offers, and the like.

You can create an unlimited number of deal alerts with various requirements (for example, must have two or more votes, popular, etc) and turn them off whenever you like, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

5. Research Price History with the Search Bar

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new tablet or a pack of diapers, do yourself a favor and look up historical price points on Slickdeals by doing a quick search.

When you’re logged in to Slickdeals, you can use the search bar to surface every related deal that’s ever been posted on the site. You can see a product’s all-time low price or get a feel for recent discount trends/timing.

This is especially helpful around big promotional events like Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday when list prices get inflated to created the feeling of a “great deal.” Oftentimes these products are cheaper outside of seasonal events.

In other words, make sure your deal is really a deal by comparing it with past prices found on Slickdeals.

6. Leverage the Community

Our discussion forums and comment sections are gold mines. Slickdealers are a vocal, responsive bunch, and most are eager to connect on all things deal-related.

This post about Amazon Prime members snagging discounted print books, for example, features a comment the Slickdeals community rated as helpful. Here, user An4hony listed a handful of already-marked-down books that could be bought using the promo code, which, in turn, resulted in even steeper savings.

The takeaway here is that a lot of users have some pretty solid hacks; a little interaction can go a long way. When one of our editors was searching for flight deals to Australia last year, he found an amazing suggestion via a comment that saved him an additional $100 per ticket.

What are you waiting for? Jump into the conversation already!

7. Make an Informed Purchasing Decision with Product Reviews

Slickdeals’s hands-on product reviews are no joke. We deliberately review products that our community is genuinely interested in, and you can rest easy knowing that we don’t get any monetary compensation from brands.

We’re all about providing honest, transparent reviews so we can join the conversation and help Slickdealers make the most informed purchasing decisions — we’re Slickdeals users too, so we understand how the community places value on products.

Showing a real-world experience is the driving force behind each product review, not spewing specs and generic product information you can find on a manufacturer’s website.

From a cordless vacuum cleaner to an ultra-wide gaming monitor, you can expect real, unbiased opinions. Every time.

8. Snag the Latest (and Best) Coupon Codes

Ever go to a coupon site, only to run into expired codes? Fear not: our team of dedicated coupon editors goes through each and every code to make sure it’s currently active.

And as added value, we also show you which products become good deals when you apply a particular coupon.

For example, our Amazon coupon page lists current coupon codes right alongside some popular deals that have been identified by our community. (P.S. — We’re the only website with this feature!)

9. See Deals Posted in Real-time

Serious deal hunters will appreciate the Slickdeals Live View Feed, which shows a comprehensive snapshot of all the latest deal threads, user comments, and ratings in real-time, as they happen.

Get first dibs on everything posted in the Hot Deals forum and see what the community is buzzing about, potentially before even the Slickdeals staff sees it!

10. Giveaways and Early Access on Social Media

Our best deals, giveaways, and insider tips are always shared on social media, so follow Slickdeals via your preferred platform: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

To get started on your money-saving journey, check out today’s best deal from our Frontpage:

Search URL: https://slickdeals.net/newsearch.php?firstonly=1&pp=20&sort=newest&rating=frontpage&forumid%5B%5D=9&hideexpired=1&r=1


Andrew Chen

Editorial Content Manager Andrew Chen is a longtime PC gamer, an automotive journalist and an avid deal hunter. His first PC had an 80 megahertz processor with 4 megabytes of RAM, light years away from the powerhouse gaming rigs he builds today. You can follow Andrew's high-speed sports car adventures over at 6SpeedOnline.com. As a Slickdealer for over 10 years, nothing makes him more excited than getting a freebie! Chat with Andrew on Twitter: @slickdealsdrew

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