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Since 2013, Patagonia has taken a vastly different approach to Black Friday than competing clothing retailers. While most brick-and-mortar companies ramp up for the Thanksgiving holiday, Patagonia has consistently bucked the Black Friday trend in favor of encouraging employees and consumers to place their attention somewhere other than the rush for deals.

While not as black-and-white in their rejection of Black Friday as REI, Patagonia has a long and storied history with the holiday, starting with their "Worn Wear" movie in 2013. We're taking a look at their Black Friday strategy, how it's impacted their business, and whether we can expect much of the same for 2020. While Patagonia may not have direct Black Friday sales, you can find great holiday season deals on this site. Patagonia is encouraging their audience to consume and buy less this Black Friday.

The Origin Story of "Worn Wear"

In 2013, Patagonia debuted its "Worn Wear" short film, which was, according to the company, "...released as an antidote to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy...  an invitation to celebrate the stuff you already own." As competitors rushed to push the latest deals, Patagonia held back. Instead, the company implored consumers to appreciate the clothing and gear already crammed in their closets.

The film played in a few select locations on Black Friday 2013. And Patagonia simultaneously introduced a repair program for older Patagonia items in need of a little love. The following year, Patagonia closed its doors on Thanksgiving, further de-emphasizing the company's focus on the Black Friday holiday.

The Impact of "Worn Wear"

While the "Worn Wear" campaign itself did make waves, it was nothing compared to Patagonia's follow-up in 2016, which stuck to the same vein of the original movement. In 2016, Patagonia stepped up to the plate with a hot announcement just a week before Black Friday: 100% of its Black Friday profits would go to charity.

Patagonia wasn't joking. And the retailer raked in more than $10 million from inspired consumers looking to get their hands on quality Patagonia goods and donate to environmental charities. Additionally, Patagonia gained a massive new following of dedicated customers interested in the company's mission.

The Future of Black Friday for Patagonia

It's important to note that while Patagonia doesn't condone Black Friday, it certainly doesn't close down for it either. Where REI flatly refuses to cooperate with the holiday, Patagonia seems to shrug and do what it can to steer people in more eco-friendly and sustainable directions. To that end, it's likely Patagonia will at least be open for Black Friday 2020, but extremely unlikely that we'll see any deals.

Stay tuned for any Patagonia Black Friday 2020 news by keeping an eye on the Slickdeals Black Friday hub. Who knows? Maybe Patagonia will shock everyone for 2020 with another charity event or — gasp — an actual Black Friday sale. In the meantime, visit the Slickdeals Patagonia store page for current deals posted by our eagle-eyed community.

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Patagonia Black Friday FAQ

Can I buy Patagonia Black Friday deals online?

'Yes. Patagonia offers special web deals. Although they don't celebrate Black Friday, you can still find products at a discount online. Get Patagonia Black Friday deals.

Will Patagonia price match Black Friday deals?

Patagonia will only price match their own products. Since they don't authorize many large web retailers, they will only work with authentic Patagonia gear. Check the retailer for specifics. Get Patagonia Black Friday deals.

What time does Patagonia open on Black Friday?

Stores open for their normal business hours on Black Friday. The Magnificent Mile flagship store in Chicago opens at 10:00 AM local time. Get Patagonia Black Friday deals.

What time does Patagonia close on Black Friday?

Each location may have different closing hours. The Chicago location closes at 7:00 PM local time. Check your particular store for its hours. Get Patagonia Black Friday deals.

What time do Patagonia Black Friday deals start?

Since the store doesn't celebrate Black Friday, online deals for the holiday may start before Thanksgiving. Check the web for details as the date draws near. Get Patagonia Black Friday deals.

What time do Black Friday Patagonia deals end?

Online deals may end at 11:59 PM PT. However, they don't advertise the times early. Check the store website for extended hours. Get Patagonia Black Friday deals.

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