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Past Threads About U-Haul

U-Haul and Budget Truck Rentals - Up to 30% Off

+46 1173572 Views 197 Comments

This is my first topic posted in the Hot Deals section. This is not really a super amazing deal or anything like that, but, as you know, when you're looking to save some money, anything can help.

I am moving my belongings from Phoenix, Arizona to Denver, Colorado and I was wanting to rent a truck from a renting service to move all of my belongings from the storage unit in a single trip. The price of gas continues to grow and I was dreading the prices that I would have to pay for both the truck and the gas, but I was surprised to find out that it really wasn't that bad.

I received a U-Haul 16" Moving Truck for $150.00 with roughly 1,000 miles discounted from $188.00 with about 850 miles. My total discount was 30% off the normal price.

U-Haul (http://www.uhaul.com/) is one of the most well-known truck rental agencies. They are located nationwide and they would be the simplest for a move, but their prices and their mileage are far from being the best, so a friend recommended me Budget Truck Rental (http://www.budgettruck.com/) with better prices, mileage, and hefty deposits and fees for anyone under the age of 24; additionally, Budget Truck Rental offers a 10% discount on its regular fee (http://www.budgettruck.com/one-way-discount-terms-+-conditions.aspx?iadid=home_ow_sm1_10%) for one-way movers! In addition, there is a 15% discount and 20% discount from my movers' packet that stacks with the 10% discount!

I wanted to stick with U-Haul to avoid the deposits and fees from Budget Truck Rental, so I called them up and price matched the Budget Truck Rental estimate: the 10% off, the 20% off, the price, and the mileage — everything went through perfectly. U-Haul does not have any heavy fees or deposits for drivers, so, like I said, this is an ideal move to make if you're trying to watch your cost or already had a deal with U-Haul.

To summarize, please refer to the following model:

Are you moving? Go to U-Haul (http://www.uhaul.com/) and Budget Truck Rental (http://www.budgettruck.com/) and enter your information for your one-way move.
At U-Haul, proceed through your reservation as normal. Review the reservation information: price, mileage, and any applicable fees. If you think that you may want to go with U-Haul over Budget Truck Rental, supply your payment information as requested. You will not be charged until the day of pick-up.
At Budget Truck Rental, apply the 10% discount (http://www.budgettruck.com/one-way-discount-terms-+-conditions.aspx?iadid=home_ow_sm1_10%) and proceed through your reservation as normal. You should try to include the 15% off discount or 20% off discount, too. Review the reservation information: price, mileage, and any applicable fees. If you think that you may want to go with Budget Truck Rental over U-Haul, follow the instructions as requested. You will not be charged until the day of pick-up.
Print out your estimates for reference.
Compare and contrast each of the providers and pay closer attention to the one that you want to select. If you choose Budget Rental Truck, you're done! If you want to go with U-Haul, call them up, give them your reference number, and ask for a price match with Budget Truck Rental.
U-Haul will match the price of Budget Truck Rental: discount, price, and mileage included.

I realize that this is not a big secret or anything like that, but I searched over the forums and found very little for Slick Dealers that might be moving, so I thought that I would post this little guide. I hope that it helps someone!

These are the coupon codes for Budget Truck Rental. Please use these for your move or use them to price match against their competitors:

Coupon Code MVG12
for 15% off Fri - Sat pick-ups

Coupon Code MVG13
for 20% off Sun - Thu pick-ups

Community Wiki

If you call your local U-Haul, Budget, Ryder, etc., they are often able to reduce where the national 1-800 won't. I got my rental down another almost $400 by just playing the two local guys against each other. Had a reservation at both places, called to cancel at U-Haul, told them Ryder was cheaper, they beat them. Called Ryder to cancel, they beat U-Haul price. Well worth the 10 minutes on the phone. This was after haggling down the 1-800 people.

There is also a 15% discount for using AMEX.

15% for using master card.


25% discount for NC, SC, & TN to NY, NJ & CT Discount Offer


coupon: FASTB 25% off Mon-Wed pick-ups
coupon PMOV1 15% off Fri-Sat pick-ups
coupon: PMOV2 20% off Sun-Thu pick-ups

keep track all of your moving costs because you might qualify for a tax deduction for your actual expenses. http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc455.html



I think there is a coupon in the USPS movers kit available at the PO good for 20% off Budget.


You are right. I was at PO an hour back and I saw the 20% off Budget in the movers kit.


That is correct. I apologize. I was not aware about the coupon until I checked the movers' packet that I was given by the United States Postal Office!

It says:

Save Up To 20% OFF Your Next Rental

Coupon Code MVG12
for 15% off Fri - Sat pick-ups

Coupon Code MVG13
for 20% off Sun - Thu pick-ups

I will edit the above posts to reflect this update. Thanks, you guys!


If you are moving compare the prices of uhaul and budget with penske also. I just moved and I paid $900 for the biggest Penske truck, while uhaul and budget both wanted $2800.


I was going to suggest that as well. Penske has the best and newest trucks (U-haul has the worst). With Penske you can get up to a 26' truck (the others only have 22' or 24's). Many Penske trucks also have a 3000lb liftgate on the back so you don't have to bother with a ramp, which saves a ton of effort.

You can also get 12% off Penske with your AAA card.


Definitely get a Penske. It's the only type of truck I ever rent. Uhaul has terrible, poorly maintained vehicles with pull-out ramps on even their largest trucks. Penske has hydraulic lift-gates, and every truck I've rented was like new. Getting 10% off renting a piece of junk is still not a slick deal.


Does Penske do price matching? It is cheaper for me to get a U-Haul or Budget Truck Rental simply because I am not moving very far. If you are moving across the country, I would recommend price matching with a couple of other companies, too, but this is great for short-distance and city moves.


I wish that your post came up earlier... i just moved last Saturday...:mad: :mad:
Just not my day i guess..:p


I am moving in April but will just be using a trailer. Does anyone recommend a good place to rent one along with hitch install?


I'm moving this Thursday as a 26 year old single guy renting a room, 700 miles from the pan handle to Orlando. I'm getting the smallest truck available and I don't have a vehicle of my own.

U-Haul quotes me $321 (10' truck)
Budget quotes me $258 (10' truck) with the 20% off coupon
Penske quotes me $328 (12' truck) with web discount

All including $5 enviro fee but not tax.

The Budget deal looks great and I don't get stuck with the 24 year old fees. Hoping this deal thread evolves... I haven't looked into price matching with Penske.


Yes, Penske will price match. I found a much cheaper rate for the Budget trucks so I called to cancel my Penske registration. They asked why, I said Budget it a hundred less, and they said "let me see what I can do for you" and priced it under Budget's. I assume it's like anything else where you book it and call to cancel, they will try to keep you. Plus they added in my AAA discount as well. I'm happy with the deal. They claim their trucks are more fuel efficient with the diesel and more convenient for loading. We shall see.


You can buy a trailer hitch on ebay for about $100. Search for your car model/year and the words "trailer hitch".
They're simple to install. Your car already has the threaded holes, they send you the bolts with the hitch. Just line-up the holes and screw the bolts in.


I reserved a truck with all three truck rental companies for my move from the Florida pan handle to Orlando (about 700 miles) and this is what I ended up with:

$189 1150 miles 3 days with U-Haul, Friday morning pick-up on 14 March.

Originally, U-Haul was $314. Budget, with the 20% coupon was $258, Penske was $328 with the 10% online reservation bonus. Penske offered an extra $25-$50 off if you provided your e-mail for offers and called them.

Budget has a $150 deposit which is waived if you pay with credit card and also a 3 dollar a day surcharge for maintenance upkeep or something.

Penske wouldn't price match Budget's quote, saying it's too low. I canceled my reservation with Penske there and then.

U-Haul offered $232. I accepted and tried to cancel my Budget reservation, but then Budget countered with $223. I then tried to cancel with U-Haul thinking Budget had better trucks overall anyways. U-Haul then offered $189. I asked the service rep to send me an e-mail confirming the rate. He accepted and I then asked to confirm if this reservation guarantees me a truck and he answered yes. Budget wouldn't beat that, so I canceled (beware of the $100 fee for short notice 48 hour cancellation policy).

I haven't gotten an e-mail, but it was an exciting 20 minutes on the phone. U-Haul had 8 minute average wait on cancellation calls and Penske and Budget were both near instant. Budget was odd since they answered so quick and there wasn't any menu that I thought I had the wrong number.


Good info... I'll be needing a truck when I move after graduation.


sweet post, i am moving this week

Propane Tank Refill at U-Haul (Coupon Available Also)

+38 47886 Views 63 Comments

Needed to get the spare propane tank for the grill refilled. Decided to try to SD it...

Local hardware store wanted $18.85 to refill the standard grill tank, presumably plus tax. Did a little Internet searching (didn't find any good deals for a refill on SD) but found that U-Haul would refill the tank for $3.49/gal. They also had a coupon available to take $1 off a $10 minimum propane purchase. Just give them your email address here (http://www.uhaul.com/Propane/default.aspx). You can also check the price and availability of propane at U-Hauls by zip code.

So I gave them my email, they sent me an un-dated generic coupon which I printed out (I also submitted it to SD coupons for general use), and hauled my empty spare tank down to the nearest U-Haul. Within about 5-minutes the clerk had filled the tank and charged me $9.47 after taking $1 off due to the coupon.

So, let's see, $18.85 or $9.47? Did I guess right??? I guess right, I guess right!

Community Wiki

20# of propane converts to approximately 5 gallons



repped and TU, thanks for the post kind sir!


$4.39/gallon here and store is over 50 miles away


reps for you


Thats because its so easy to hate Philly fans....


$4.39/gallon at my place too.... and empty tank is suppose to be 4 gallons....
so my local Walmart's $18 is about right. The main question is .... when it is very low is there still a gallon in it.

coupon queen

I just checked with a U Haul around here that gets 3.49 per gallon and they said they put in around 4 gallons in the BBQ tank (the standard 20# tank) because they do not fill it all the way (the 4 lbs is about 80%).
That comes to around 14.00 so I am wondering if OP went in with a tank that was not completely empty.


The $3 rebate for a Blue Rhino propane tank purchase or exchange https://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?sduid=1259171&t=2753179


Nice Find! I paid over $20 for blue ryno swap out 5 about a month ago. It's amazing to see that that the 5 U-Hauls immediately around me vary in price from $3.79 to $4.99 a gal!!


If you are near a truck stop they are good places to get refills. My local Flying J is $3.29/gal while U-haul is currently $3.99/gal for propane. It's hard to find places that even fill tanks any more. U-haul and truck stops seem to be the only ones. Everyone else just does exchanges.


I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong...
Propane weighs 4.2 pound per gallon, so a full tank will take a little more than 4 gallons. At $4/gallon, that is $17/tank. So yeah, it is better than the Walmart that wants $18; especially if your tank isn't completely empty.

IIRC BJs is like $12 for a fill; the last time I went there they only filled it to 14 pounds. (when I complained the next day, they gave me one of the tanks for free...). So they are cheaper if you have an empty tank, but U-Haul is cheaper if you have some left.

Interestingly, the UHaul closest to me gets $4.26/gallon, while one a bit further away gets $3.99. That is good because I had to sue the closer one for a bum trailer hitch installation, and they might not be happy to see me.


OP here.

The tank I had filled was undoubtedly not completely empty (I did not purge the remaining gas from it before having it filled). But it was empty enough that my grill wasn't able to create a flame using it as a fuel source. The tank was also quite light (although I didn't weigh it) before it was refilled. Also, FWIW, the published price at the U-Haul I went to was $3.49/gal.


Academy Sports (only in some geographic areas, I suppose) does exchanges for $14.95.


A chain in the SE:


The location local to me south of Atlanta has been doing refills for $12.99+tax for the last year.


Thanks and repped!

Also just an FYI...You need to look at the amount of propane (in lbs) when you exchange a tank. As to compete in a market the exchange companies (like Blue Rhino) will decrease the amount of propane in their tanks in order to make the price seem cheaper. In other words you're often not receiving a full tank, so direct price comparisons do not always work.


Taylor rental is around $12 here and Agway is $15 after tax, $18 is highway robbery.

Moving Truck Rental

+59 44053 Views 45 Comments

Tis the season for moving! I thought I would post the current moving truck rental deals. You can try them because the results vary and based on location. The last good thread on moving truck rental was 2008 so I had to do the research again.

I am moving one way from Minnesota to Indiana.


Site Link (https://www.budgettruck.com/Home.aspx)

Phone: 1-800-455-1332


Code: 56000058459/ AARP up to 20%. One way and local (Ongoing)

Code: 20DIS 20% Off Time and Mileage on One-Way and Local Rentals


Code: ED912 20% off Sunday to Thursday Pick-Up: (Through December 31, 2013)

Code 20MID Local. Pick up/ drop off same location Monday through Thursday. (Through Dec 31, 2013)


Code: 15DIS15% off personal rentals picked up any day of the week: (Ongoing)


Code: U368037 25% (Good through October 31, 2013)


Site Link (http://www.pensketruckrental.com/)

Phone: 1-888-996-5415

Code: 002 or 001 AAA is 20% off

Military Discounts 10% and Military Price match if you show your ID (http://www.pensketruckrental.com/discounts/military.html)

College student discount 10% (http://www.pensketruckrental.com/discounts/college.html)

I don't think they have trucks older then 2010 CS told us on phone.


Site Link (http://www.uhaul.com/Discounts/Default.aspx)

Phone: 1-800-462-4285

No codes I can find but cheapest rental I can find for local moves.


Cost on mileage is cheaper Sunday through Monday. I have seen it from .59 to .99 a mile depending on weekday or weekend and time of year.

Flat rates plus mileage

For up to 10' truck flat rate is $20 plus miles

14' and 17' Truck $30 plus miles

20', 24' and 26' truck $40 plus miles

UHaul has a special of one month free storage rental but storage is only about $30 bucks a month and their prices are high. I also read in 2008 SD thread that their trucks were junky.


Rental seems to always be 5 days for one way.

Pick Up: Fargo, ND
Drop Off: Indianapolis, IN

(Distance: 845 miles)
April 18-April 23

Budget: $435.20 16'

UHaul: $748 14'

Penske: $456.20 16'

Called Penske and told them Budget quoted us $365. Penske said they would price match which ended up being $436.05 lol

I went with Penske because of their reputation for being the best. Watch it though, they really try to upsale when you call them so just decline everything.


UPDATE 5/13/13: Received discount email on Budget truck rental from Allied Business Network, open to anyone. Promotion or BCD/AWD Code: 56000163859

UPDATE: 09/24/2013 Just reserved local Uhaul. Now moving stuff from storage to new place. I paid a $50 deposit because the website stated this:

$50 reservation guarantee
When you make a reservation, we guarantee to provide you with the equipment size, location, and pick up time as agreed. Should you not receive the equipment size, location, and pick up time you agreed to, U-Haul will compensate you $50.

We will see how it goes....

P.S. Please message me if you want me to revise the original post to include anything or clean it up...

Community Wiki

Definately put your info in when getting the quote from Penske. Here (https://slickdeals.net/forums/showpost.php?p=59631150&postcount=36) is my experience. Well worth it. :)



make sure you get them to write milege down and sign it before you start as uhaul trys to overcharge on milege,they will also try to charge you a 50 dollar cleaning fee


+1 for Penske. I've had no problem price matching, their trucks are always in really good shape and only 1-2 years old, and I've had nothing but good experiences with them.

IMHO, Penske always works out to be the best deal. Just find the lowest competitor and then have them PM.


My friend and my brother works for Penske. Even though Penske's price is higher (sometime) but their truck are newer and they have lifts instead of ramp (uhaul). Also, they always sell their trucks/vans after a every few years too.


Seriously, why thumbs down? I spent hours finding out that information even supplying direct links and phone numbers. I was simply attempting to bring renting a moving truck up-to-date since last thread being followed was 2008.

There are no hot deals in rental trucks, just current.


Thanks for the info! Used AAA 20% discount on Penske
Do I have to present AAA proof of membership at time of pickup?


Thanks for this info, will be moving soon. Thumbs up and repped.


Since no one else in the world is making this exact move :)

Pick Up: Fargo
Drop Off: Indianapolis

You might have just listed the distance in miles! Thumbs up though.

Oh yeah and I never heard of fargo but there are at least 3 citise by the name in the USA so who knows which...


Shame for never hearing of Fargo, ND or the Coen Bros film 'Fargo' set there. It's a great movie.


I'd assume no, but would also like to know this.


Sorry about that miles are: 845 . It is one way truck rental. I believe all three companies indicated unlimited mileage but I think there is a cap on that and we were within the unlimited range.

It is Fargo, ND as poster pointed out it's claim to fame with the movie entitled "Fargo"

Penske CS asked if we had AAA. We said "no" but it appears to be a formality and the only ongoing coupon Penske has. I read in the comments on retail-me-not people were asked for proof and people were not.

Best way to get a deal with Penske is call them and tell them Budget gave you a super low quote (gave them dates and locations) and they say they will price match and then ask you about supplies and insurance and try to get the price higher but are polite about declining.

We told them Budget quoted $360 (but it was really $435) Penske CS said they would price match because they want the business and total ended up being $436 and we opted out on all extras.

Doesn't seem like a match but price same and product better. When I did price quote online with Penske prior to calling them, it was $490.


Called Penske today and was told they they do not price match Budget or Uhaul because only Penske guarantees the equipment.

*Edit* The guy on chat was much more helpful and flexible. While he didn't come out and 'match' Budget or Uhaul, they did end up being cheaper than either. One thing that made it a lot cheaper was changing the pick-up date to a Monday, which opened up a lot of inventory. So if you are flexible, keep that in mind. This is also without any AAA discount or the like, so you can probably do better if you're a member.

~1000 mile move (unlimited miles)

26' Truck -$690.30
Car Carrier - $226.00
Free extra day (7 total)
1/2 off Dolly - $10
LDW ins. - 102 (can't hurt)

w/ Tax comes to: $1109 Total

For reference:
Budget (phone): $1142 before tax
Uhaul (online): $1300 before tax


Just an FYI, we didn't call and pound them with price matching. We just glided into telling them we were moving and had a few quotes but heard Penske was the best but we were on a tight budget. I believe the approach is irresistible if you are nice and complimentary...

It was my husband that called but he had it on speaker phone and rep seem pretty pleased and responded pleasantly. He might have asked locations and dates first and then we told him Budget quote and he figured he could work with that...


I'm actually moving this weekend and will be using Uhaul for the first time. Their location was the closest and Im only moving locally. I got the 10' truck. Im a bit worried about UHaul trying to squeezcharge as much as they can. Any precautions? Confrim start Mileage. Return a full tank of gas. Don't leave trash around to avoid the cleaning fee? That should be it? Thanks.


Another note for Penske: You may not pay mileage if you do a one-way move, just drop the truck off a few towns over from your pickup location (saved quite a bit this way).


Lol the irony of Budgets name...

I need a truck for half a day to move ~85 miles.
$639.20 and I'm forced for 2 days and 200 miles...and that's with the discount code!

U-Haul trailer hitch installation $25 off

0 18763 Views 22 Comments

Looks like U-Haul is running a special where they're only charging $5 to install a trailer hitch when you call their main 800#. With spring around the corner, I needed one on my wife's new SUV for her bike rack and for $5, that's cheaper than if I had gone out and purchased a torque wrench.



sounds really good. I'll try to call later


Does anyone know how much mom and pop auto shops usually charge for installing a hitch on a SUV? I just gone thru U-Haul website's shopping trailer hitch installation and got quote of $235 for the hitch. Assuming the installation is $5. Then it would be $240 total plus tax. A similar hitch cost about $163 with free shipping on Amazon.


I have the same question and went through the same process. Other retailers around the web have cheaper hitch prices and even when you factor in the full $30 installation (if this is the going installation price elsewhere), it still comes out cheaper elsewhere. Any thoughts? It would be nice if U-Haul had a BYOH option.


I don't know if you're familiar but find out what class hitch uhaul will be putting on vs what you see on amazon. Different class hitches will let you tow different weights also depending on your vehicle and could make up for the price difference. Check the amazon warehouse for hitches for your vehicle, there's some stellar hitch deals for various makes/models


Are we certain they would not allow us to BYOH?


Anyone else knows the answer to this? I am interested in this as well...



I had a hitch (no electrical) put on my SUV by U Haul about three years back and it was right around $200. I've asked around recently for my girlfriend's car and U Haul quoted around $280 and a local shop was about the same. However, since then, I've found out that on my GF's car, the installation is very simple and I ordered a Class I hitch off of Amazon for $120 and will install it myself. On that car, the holes are already pre drilled and I simply need to get under the car and mount four bolts. It might be worthwhile to look your car up to see how easy the install was or not. On Amazon, the hitches have a check with model year, make, and model of your car to find the right hitch. Then google or go to manufacturer's site to see what installation is like.

On my SUV, I need to have the muffler guards on both mufflers taken apart and then the mufflers would drop down a bit for the hitch. Being a new car at that time, I just had UHaul take care of it.

Also, make sure to pickup a receiver adapter if you need. My bike rack and receiver are both 2" so no issues for me, however, the hitch on the other car is 1 1/4" and I needed an adapter.


If i had the money i'd jump on this and put one on my jetta sportwagen.

It would be motivation to get a small trailer.....


BYOH and $5 installations ?! My guess is that they will not allow that, but don't quote me on that.
I also checked a couple of videos on hitch installation, and it's really only 4 bolts.
Check your make and model. If U-haul normally charges $30 it can't be that difficult.


They charge $50 if you byoh... Lots of YouTube videos on diy hitch install.


Yup, I kinda expected it... but was just hoping for a lucky shot :lol:

I have a 2010 Honda Accord and recently purchased this hitch:

Amazon says "Minor heat shield modification" required and I am trying to avoid doing that myself :)

I already bought this bike rack from HomeDepot for $25:

I will need an adapter to make this work and this deal in the morning had me really excited :bounce:

By the way, does anyone know if this is a good adapter to make the entire combination work?

Anyways, thanks for your help.


uhaul in some area will not allow BYOH.

Pep boy's will do it for $50+Tax. prices may vary by vehicle.


I am in the same boat, it is not a simple 4 bolt installation for my 2011 Dodge Durango. In my area, an additional $5 would get me comprehensive lifetime warranty from U-Haul, including parts and labor. I will do the final math, but Amazon price + $50 install will likely be similar to U-Haul parts+labor+lifetime warranty.


I need to install a hitch on my 2007 Honda accord. The one that U-haul sells requires drilling and screwing it on the trunk pan. Curt makes another model that is bolted on the frame- no drilling required, but since U-Haul doesn't sell this, I have to install myself or go to a repair shop. Does anyone know if there's any disadvantage in having the trunk well-mount design? If there's none, I could jump in on this U-haul deal.


ive worked at uhaul through college. The computer has a set charge for how long they think it should take to install. 90% of hitches are beyond simple to put on. Line up the holes, put in the bolts. Wiring is no different. YouTube a how to and save money.

If they are hurting for sales the the uhaul store, you might be able to talk the manager into free installation. There was times when our store was told to sell X amount of hitches. The manager was like, if they say no, offer free same day install in order to meet the goal. One thing i learned about working there is you can barter to some point to push products. I was given the freedom to add discounted items to push rentals and what not. Really just depends on the stores numbers for the month.

Free Trailer Hitch for Volvo XC-40 in Tempe, AZ

+1 1947 Views 2 Comments

I was looking at U-Haul's website to purchase a trailer hitch for Volvo XC-40. They do not yet have the configuration in their database. If you let them custom make a new hitch based on your XC-40, they'll give you the trailer hitch for free. Limit one.

I suspect that this would work for other makes / models that they do not yet have in their system.




cool... any special deals on getting the Volvo XC-40 for free as well? (to go with the free trailer hitch)



Well .. there might be one sitting at the U-Haul in Tempe, AZ very soon. If so, the keys are inside the office.