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NEWEST UPDATE: Saturday SEPTEMBER 2nd - How I lowered My Bill from Paying $180 to NOW $105 Per Month, by Calling SPECTRUM and Doing This - Share YOUR Comments!

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NEWEST Update for Saturday, September 2, 2017

Well it's been 2 months since receiving my Spectrum services and I can now tell you that I'm paying the same price that "I fought for" from Spectrum. I have had no issues other than the usual cable service interruptions that ALL customers have with Internet streaming.

I'm sure Spectrum will try again, to price-gouge me, but as of now I'm okay with the service.

MONEY SAVING TIP: If you want to save money and get a better Spectrum plan and rate, then do the following:
If you happen to downgrade your Spectrum cable services, go to your Spectrum account on their website, you will see something like "Spectrum Customer Offers Only", look at their current offers, and you may see an offer like mine for $89.97 - bundle package,

Important note: You may have to wait 3-7 days for the offer to show on your account page. Spectrum customer service reps. Will NOT mention this package deal. They will pretend that this offer does not exist, and screw you over with a higher cable package.

If you have any other useful Spectrum (money saving tips) post your comments.

Thanks for reading and hopefully reducing your Spectrum services UNTIL AT&T Fiber comes along in your area soon! Smilie


The 24 hour callback I was promised by Spectrum... never came!

I'll start off by the word 'WOW!" Since my last post I have tried to get my issue resolved with Spectrum for about a whole entire week. SPECTRUM CABLE IS THE WORST! I have been on the phone with CSR reps, Supervisors and I finally found a possible resolution.

The rep. and supervisor that initially gave me the 1 yr. promotion never called me back. I had all my notes with details of what I was offered and it made no difference. On every call I asked them if there were any notes put into their Spectrum computers to assist with what I was offered and by whom. Each time the reps. would tell me NO there is nothing that shows who I spoke to or what they offered me, not even the promotion that I was given. SPECTRUM LIED! During my week of going to back and forth's with them on the phone I found a CSR rep. that told me there were indeed notes in the system which was verified to whom I spoke with and what Spectrum promotion I was given. Even this information was of no use because I was told the promotion I was given is no longer available and they don't have any way to get it back. I told them as a long time Time Warner Customer I deserve better than this. I did not make the mistake of not putting in the promotion code into the computer to authorize my promotion that was given and even paid for. They would keep telling me sorry but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done.

After speaking with the very forgiving representative on the phone I was transferred to a Supervisor that finally gave me what I was offered, kind of... but way better than what I was left with, and get this, I should still be paying $105.00 per month for 1 whole year. Here is what I received in this new promotion:

Spectrum Select plan $29.99 each bundle with TV, INTERNET, PHONE for $89.97 per month
plus 5.00 for HD DVR and free DVR service for 12 months.

29.99 Spectrum TV Select with 125 channels Plus TV APP
29.99 Internet 100Mbps with FREE internet modem/router
29.99 Phone service

ALL FOR just about $105.00 GRAND TOTAL
(We will see if this promotional offer is real or too good to be true when I see my next bill.) Ha ha

This promotion is ONLY given to New Customers to SPECTRUM, sorry old TWC customers you are literally S*** out of luck unless you switch over to the SPECTRUM plans and you must Cancel all your services and wait 30-60 days for the new customer promotion to become active. IF I'M WRONG PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

TIP: Don't tell them you are a longtime TWC customer, Spectrum wants former TWC customers on the SPECTRUM plans, like I said in the earlier post, once you leave the TWC plans, YOU WILL NOT GET THEM BACK!

TIP: If you don't have an internet router and are given a free modem, you will pay for about 5.00 more to have WIFI enabled just to connect your WIFI in the home. (Sounds like another SCAM to price gouge customers.) Just get your own router with the free SPECTRUM modem and be sure they disable your WIFI on SPECTRUM's router or you will see that 5.00 connection WIFI fee on your next bill going forward. Many customers called to have them remove the 5.00 charge with NO issues.

FINALLY! As I stated many times before, If you have any luck with my tips please post your experience for others so they can save money and we can help others in avoiding those fees and bill increases we are now seeing as the new normal, from SPECTRUM.
RIP Time Warner Cable, you are already missed. Frown

UPDATE: JULY 1, 2017

This previous offer I was given was too good to be true. SPECTRUM CABLE IS THE WORST and YES CORRUPT! Here's why...

Just last month I was given a promotion for a total of $105.00 (Details Posted Below) per month for (1 YR) out the door by SPECTRUM. Just today I opened my bill and found that it shot up to $180.00. How did this happen? I immediately called SPECTRUM to try and resolve this. I told the representative the whole details of what I was offered and what I paid, SADLY the rep. had NO notes of the previous offering, (SO SHE SAYS). I gave her the names and locations of the Manager and rep. I had spoken to, to get the promotion. The lady was clueless as to what I was given and said she never heard of that promotion or that rate, she told me the lowest monthly rate SPECTRUM has for the same services I was given was for $118.00 plus taxes and other fees note including equipment.

After being on the phone for 30 minutes with this person and trying to get them to approve the original promotion offer of $105.00, I had realized that she was of NO HELP, so I had her get in contact with the Manager or rep. that I had previously dealt with that gave me the promotion. After waiting 15 more minutes on the phone for the rep. to come back, she said her computer system does not have the names of the people I had spoken to. (BULL***!) She kept telling me that she can find an offer for me, but all her offers were well above the $105.00, that I agreed to and paid for that first month of service.

I found out something that SPECTRUM does and most CUSTOMERS have no idea about, which is this... IF you WERE a previous Time Warner Cable customer with 300-200 MBPS internet, SPECTRUM will NOT tell you but you can keep that speed, BUT if you change your internet package you will LOSE your higher speeds and get stuck with only 100 mbps internet, UNLESS you pay more for SPECTRUM 300 or 100 speeds. (SPECTRUM DOES NOT OFFER 200 MBPS internet) I asked the rep. "Your information on the billing statement reads. "TIME WARNER IS NOW SPECTRUM", then why are you charging me more for 200 mbps that is no longer available? The lady said it's because you were a long time Time Warner Customer and unless you change your internet plan you will still be a TIME WARNER CUSTOMER with your same internet plan. I told her that was misleading to the customer, as they don't know the dealings Time Warner and SPECTRUM made that effects our Grandfathered services and rates. The rep. was silent for a few seconds, then said that's what SPECTRUM does so if you want me to change your internet plan I can do that for you, "i'ts up to you". SO BE CAREFUL when they try to leave the IT'S UP TO YOU suggestion on the table, which means if you make any changes you MAY NOT be able to get back your older services that was agreed up when you where with TIME WARNER CABLE.

The rep. never worked to give me what was previously agreed upon, and said she will contact the Manager and rep. to assist me further.

I was thinking of ONLY getting the internet for 300mpbs (they would waive the $199.99 connection fee) for $105.00 per month, but then I decided to just wait for them to contact me in 24 hours, regarding the promotion I was promised for 12 months. STAY TUNED...

I'd like to give you more tips and how to save here: but this seems long enough, if interested post your comment here like member scgt1 posted Yesterday so we can share tips to help one another save money.

(Please share your Comments about your SPECTRUM experience! Appreciate a thumbs UP if this helps you save money when calling, as it has done for me.)

I have tried to be as detailed about my experience with SPECTRUM (formally) Time Warner Cable, and also included what was paid and the services that were given. Here is what I experienced when calling:

I was with Time Warner for almost 15 years, before they switched to SPECTRUM I had no issues until all of a sudden my bill came and SPECTRUM increased my services to $30.00 more per month. SPECTRUM NEVER notified me of this coming increase like Time Warner used to, either by: phone, letter, bill, email or text (which they have on file).

I called SPECTRUM and explained to them about my increase and a $300 Gift Card that I never received from my previous TWC promotion. The lady was helpful but, helpful does not get the bill lowered, SPECTRUM as opposed to TWC is standing firm on their ridiculous offers. Here is what I had with TWC and had to verbally fight SPECTRUM for, just to reduce my bill OR leave entirely to either, AT&T, Verizon or DISH Network - which I'm now strongly considering.

Services I had with Time Warner:
• Preferred TV with EPIX included over 200 channels
• Internet was 200mbps Download and 20 Upload
• Phone Service (They give you an outdated old modem box just to connect, for the telephone service to work, NO LANDLINE, this skips the telephone company completely)
• EQUIPMENT: HD DVR and service
Remember: Just because I was a so called VALUED TWC CUSTOMER for many years, I was given this offer, which costs about $120 per month, with taxes and equipment.

NOW with SPECTRUM I have the following services: (I'm seriously considering cancelling with SPECTRUM completely. (Read the news about SPECTRUM and you will find many websites with complaints on them for these and other issues about billing, since TWC was taken over.)
• Tier 1 with Digital 2 TV service, was told 200 channels plus about 60 more, (Whatever that means). Spectrum confuses you with their new names like TIER and DIGITIAL.
• Internet is now 100 mbps, (had to get this to lower my rate from the 200mbps, Beware: SPECTRUM is reducing speeds to now 100mpbs if you change your plan.
• NO MORE PHONE SERVICE AND BULKY BOXES (Did not care for anyways)
• Equipment: Now I have a standard HD box, no DVR service - I had to return the HD DVR to lower my rate and get the standard HD box instead. FYI: You need a box and a tv plan, to get the TWC (SPECTRUM) APP. Many customers tried to get rid of the box just to find out they can't use the SPECTRUM APP. Yeah I tried to save money here too, but NO GO.

GRAND TOTAL NOW PER MONTH IS: $105.000 (I had to make sure the customer service rep. and the Supervisor noted this in my account, because, how many times were you promised a guaranteed rate for 1 full year, then a month later your bill was increased by $5.00, then $10.00 and so on, this is the old bait-in-switch tactics the companies do ALL THE TIME!

After SPECTRUM increased my rate from my original $120 to $145 per month, I also received another bill with an increase to, GET THIS...... $175.00 (YES you heard that right $175, if that was not enough they robo-called to say my account has changed and to call them right away (This is a complete SCAM to get you to call them so they can tell you what you already know, You are guaranteed to hear this word a lot "SORRY!" Listen SPECTRUM: Sorry does not lower the bill.

SPECTRUM is here to ONLY make money, unlike the former TWC which at least tried to work with you on lowering your bill and giving credits when needed. (SPECTRUM DOES NOT HAVE A RETENTION DEPARMENT) No more discounts or credits like TWC did in the past, NOT WITH SPECTRUM. When you call, SPECTRUM will ONLY offer you a rate of at least $20.00 from your previous plan. "Yes, that very little in savings."

Moreover, when I was transferred to a supervisor to discuss my $300 Gift Card never received, I was told again, "SORRY" there is nothing we can do, he then gave excuses and blamed Time Warner Cable for not honoring their promotions. This is a tactic that you will hear a lot from SPECTRUM, blaming the old Time Warner for what they can help you with, but Will Not.

I'd like to give you more tips and how to save here: but this seems long enough, if interested post your comment here so we can share tips to help one another save money.

JUST REMEMBER: SPECTRUM is far worse than Time Warner Cable, the rules have changed since Charter is now in control. Customers should not have to endure this type of frustration with companies that already know you have fewer choices, and have to give in to their Monopoly ways to nickel and dime us every time.

Please when sending a comment here, about your experience with SPECTRUM, to put details just like I have, this way others will have a HOW TO GUIDE and know the games that are being played on them by SPECTRUM for PROFIT and possibly lower their bills and save a little more than just $20.00.
Created 05-26-2017 at 12:39 PM by savememore
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Didn't this junk already get deleted once ?

Buy yourself some reading glasses and a box of Kleenex OP and then take your sob story to Facebook instead of here.
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By helping others to try and save money is far from sobbing. Most customers would appreciate incites to saving money with Spectrum. Especially coming from a long time customer.
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Last edited by savememore May 26, 2017 at 09:43 PM.
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Quote from savememore
By helping others to try and save money is far from sobbing. Most customers would appreciate incites to saving money with Spectrum. Especially coming from a long time customer.
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Not the only one that got screwed. We just have internet because their tv service sucks (really this time and age and you can only record 2 shows at the same time? GTFOH!)

We were upgraded for FREE with TWC to the 200/20 from being in the MAX test area (Arlington, TX aka DFW) I still have my email from them that clearly states:

"Internet just got better at no additional cost to you." yadda yadda There is no mention of a time frame it is "NO ADDITIONAL COST" and no mention of it being a promotion or a promotional period. So this is a $20 charge for the increased speed that has been FREE!

Until Spectrum takes over. Bill was $50 something a month. Since spectrum it is now $70 something. Notice that $20 charge that has been discounted from my bill is now gone.

I've been on the phone with numerous different people and have not been able to get anywhere with them removing the extra $20 charge that was stated from TWC as "NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO YOU!"

I feel your pain OP.
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NYC and there is virtually no other choice besides Spectrum or FIOS. How is this possible? Spectrum just jumped my bill by $50 for no apparent reason other than to line their pockets with my hard earned money.
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Quote from savememore
I have been on the phone with CSR reps
Just out of curiosity, what do you think the R in "CSR" stands for? Cool
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Quote from ManUpOrShutUp
Just out of curiosity, what do you think the R in "CSR" stands for? Cool
I believe The 'R" stands for Ripoff in CSR.
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