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Quote from greencat

I traded my Pixel in for a Pixel 2. There will be a 6 week gap between phones. Since I have 4 lines with Cricket, I thought of getting one of their Deal phones.

I need a number to port in for the cheapest deal. Any idea of the cheapest way to get a number?

I know I can port my GV number but that is $20??

Any other suggestions?

Should I just look for a slickdeal on a phone and then sell it?

By the time you port in a number, pay for a another line, and pay the activation fee I'm doubtful what you're imaging will be a good deal.

Best bet is probably a cricket phone you can walk into best buy or walmart and just buy without any other fees or the "savings" cricket offers.

You could also do something like buy a Verizon prepaid Moto E4 and an unlock code for it for about $40 at walmart. That would get you a $40 phone with 7.1.1 and a fingerprint sensor. There's a thread here on this, care is required to make it work. Do not power it on with the vzw sim installed.
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