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#1 The bluetooth pairing process isn't instant. Having 2 devices would be the easiest but short of that why not play an entire song or 1 minute of a song, then switch and play the same content. Most phones can't pair with 2 devices with the same property (Like calling, or audio) at the same time.)

#2 Most of the time your phone and your speaker have independent control. If your going for which is louder, why not crank both. That should answer you question on which is louder. If it meets your need does it matter which is louder at 1/2 power? You could also just test at a "normal" volume. Personally I tend to max the speaker and then adjust volume with my phone/tablet since thats usually closer to me when I listen.

#3 I would say it's better to adjust the higher end frequencies. Small speakers like this are usually limited by size and the amount of air they move on the bass. So you can crank the bass up but it probably will just muddy the sound.

If you already bought one I guess I don't see why doing all the A/B testing unless your unhappy.
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