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I see this has two thumbs down...

I am wondering whether the "amplifier" does anything productive with the signal. It's been a while since I boned up on my OTA antenna info but I know that amplifiers can be helpful in some situations with some antennas, make virtually no difference in others, and be counter productive in other set ups. Just wondering if this is basically a gimmick to add on an "amplifier" to this antenna.

We have a station that moved it's broadcasting location and it's reachable from the side of the house that faces it but not with basic antennas from the other side where the TVs are located.

Has anyone seen this Mohu leaf type antenna but with the amplifier at any common brick and mortar stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Sears, Ace Hardware, Menards....? I would like to try before a buy and not have to pay to ship it back to Amazon. - TIA will rep for helpful answers in a day or so when my reps replenish.
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