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4GB of ram kills most deals recently, including this one.

As a developer, I loved my Surface Pro 3 (until it randomly died after 2 years) as a capable enough on-the-go dev machine - and it was powerful enough to even run some games well enough to get in some entertainment time (with Civ V)... But in 2017, 4GB just doesn't cut it...

Hell, Slack app (or most anything using Electron) takes 1GB+... Chrome with more-than-a-hanful of tabs open, 1-2.5GB (I know, I know - close some tabs, and don't have 11 developer tool windows open). Spotify - .5-1GB...

In 2017 most developers releasing the apps that we all use just assume the resources are there because we've moved into an age where "processor, storage and memory are cheap" - unless you're dealing with something fancy, like these new Surfaces. Let's be honest, pricing/specs here are in part the result of 'exclusivity' or 'luxury' - and one can't help but reflect on how PC companies/enthusiasts used to make fun of Apple for the pricing of products somewhat contributing to the lure to the product (rather than exclusively relying on quality and capability).

I'd like to replace my short lived Surface Pro 3 because I really did like it.. But ~2yr of use to the tune of ~$1100 has left me hesitant to give MS my money in the good faith that I'm getting my money's worth from a 'premium' product.
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