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Quote from Kevfactor
was about to go in on this cool curved tv. 55 inches and would be great for netflix. problem is i looked at the input lag and is ranked at like 22ms. eww. i game on pc and people complain about just having stuff past 4ms. i do play games where it can be an issue too

just wondering if there any tvs i could look at hopfully 55 inch n curved lol. Smilie
Brother Kevmeister,

As I fellow PC gamer - and lounger, perhaps, should you see fit to linger about these virtual halls like the proverbial hot fart - I must make a confession. I do not understand the fuss about response time/ghosting/etc.

Perhaps it's because I don't always play FPS e.g. CSGO, CODBLOPS, Overwatch, etc. (but when I do, I play DOOM). Perhaps it's because I enable Vsync and have the hardware to hit the desired framerate, be it 30 or 60. I really don't know, because I'm frankly not interested enough and therefore can't be arsed to look into yet ANOTHER facet of tech. But I've been gaming on a 60" Walmart Vizio BF special I got back in 2012 and have not one damn complaint. Muh PC games look bloody glorious, to such a degree normies are all "where does he get such wonderful toys?!"

Now, lest ye be hasty, it's not like I'm unfamiliar with what "good" monitors be like. I've got twin Acer Predator X34s on my work computer and oh mySimon they really do spoil a man. But living room gaming is a different beast than, dare I say, "desktop" gaming (eh, see what I did there?) and I'm willing to speculate that since you're looking at 55" TVs you WONT be posted a foot a way from the fcuking screen; I concede, as always, that I could be mistaken.

So, first things last, I'm suggesting you not sweat it so much. Go check Rtings - they do pretty thorough reviews, and at minimum will at least give a glancing summation of a TVs gaming performance.

There is no perfect solution. There is no spoon. I don't know Kung Fu. Well, not beyond 1985's classic NES port. So get some anecdotal recommendations from forums, decide on a range of 2-4 models you think you could live with at their respective price points and take your gottdamn chances. Though I personally wouldn't recommend anything under 60", and would actually suggest you go as large as your inner walls can handle.

Of your living room, you sickening pervert.

The only feature that's potentially (hopefully) on the horizon for HTPCHDTV guys like us is HDMI 2.1 and Adaptive Sync aka Freesync aka VRR aka Tuggy Nizzle. By then, Skygod willing, we'll have 4K midrange GPUs, a return to affordable flash memory prices, and NVME m.2 DVD-RWs.Until then, highness, buy a TV that'll work for you, hold the line, strength and honor...
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