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I just went through this and the answer is yes and no. It depends on the App. Some apps will store data inside the google account, and when you setup the new phone if you login with the same google account you will have an option of choosing what apps to restore. Sometimes things will come along with it. Like I have pocketcasts a podcast app. It has it's own sign in and sync system which I use. However it also must store some data along with the google account because on the new phone settings and podcasts I subscribe to came along. I did login again to get sync between devices working like I had before.

Most good games should have a method to signin to either google games, or facebook to save progress.

As far as help signing in lots of places a password manager (Like Lastpass) helps this process out alot and allows you to maintain better security by having random unique passwords at every site, app, etc. If you don't do this now, I would definitely recommend it along with 2FA.
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