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Brondell Swash CS1000 Bidet Toilet Seat $299.99 delivered after $200 OFF

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Costco has Brondell Swash CS1000 Bidet Toilet Seat for sale, online price $499.99,$299.99 after $200 off.

Make this deal even better if you have $25 off $250 coupon code.

Valid 12/6/17 through 12/11/17. While supplies last. Limit 3 per member.
Shipping & Handling Included*

Availble in Elongated and Round Shape
Fits Most Toilets
Instant Ceramic Heating System
Warm Air Dryer
Multiple Spray Options
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Created 12-06-2017 at 11:37 AM by joan2kus
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I believe the $25 coupon you're referring to expired Monday.

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Just used my $25 off $250 coupon to order this toilet seat this morning.
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Got my Brondell Swash CS1000 a few days ago from Costco for $275 total after the $25 off coupon. Installation was just as easy as my Toto S350E bidet was that I installed last year in my home. It took 45 minutes to remove old manual toilet seat and install this and turn it on. As far as performance goes, it does a good job but of course is not as good as fancy or as good performing as my Toto 350E. Those are the only two bidets I have tested other than the various bidets used in Japan in my past two trips in commercial and hotel/Airbnb environments. For the money for the Toto (I paid $736 on Amazon last year for the same unit to buy again it would be $936 at Amazon) I'm happy with the performance of this Brondell Swash CS1000 at the price paid $275 after $25 coupon. I would not pay $936 to get the Toto but I guess after traveling to Japan a couple times and seeing mostly Toto brand I was prone to get one of those first. When it came time for the second toilet to get one I wasn't willing to spend $936 so this Costco deal looked good, and the reviews were good enough on the Brondell Swash CS1000 unit. After trying both of them extensively here are some notable differences between these two models that I can mention after using them in my home. As far as advantages, I could only come up with a few advantages of my Brondell Swash CS1000 (paid $275) over my Toto S350E (paid $736):

Advantages of my Brondell Swash CS1000 over my Toto S350E:
1. The Brondell CS1000's ceramic on-demand water heater can provide a bit more of the same level of warm water temperature compared to the Toto S350E. The Toto S350E uses similar technology here but the water can go a bit colder comparatively after 2-3 minutes of continuous usage of the wash functions. However, when talking about the ability of the wash function to actually start spraying water, the Brondell takes 30 seconds to start spraying warm water while the Toto S350E takes less than 10 seconds to start spraying warm water.
2. The Brondell CS1000's seat temperature can get a bit hotter when set at the highest (red color) level. The Toto has about 6 levels of heat compared to Brondell's 3 heat levels (the off setting I suppose would be it's 4th level).
3. The Brondell Swash CS1000 has a wide and very wide setting for the nozzle spray width which the Toto S350E does not have. The Toto S350E cannot adjust its spray width. However even though I list this is an advantage of the Brondell I would still rate the Toto's spray capability as superior to the Brondell CS1000. The Toto S350's front spray automatically provides a wide width spray, compared to its rear spray which is concentrated. I feel like this advantage cancels out actually after testing both bidets as the quality and the pressure provided by the Toto S350E's rear and front spray is in my mind better than what the Brondell can be set to, by a fair amount.
4. The Brondell Swash CS1000 has a 3-year warranty versus the Toto S350E's 1 year warranty.
5. The Brondell's seat lid can be sat on and won't break if you do compared to the Toto S350E. The Toto's lid is not stated that you could sit on it and I feel like that is about right.
6. The Brondell was $461 cheaper than my Toto S350E both purchased new within a year of each other. However the price for the Toto S350E increased by $200 since I purchased so if I were to have to buy a new Toto S350E today then the Brondell (if on sale for the $275 price again) would be $661 cheaper.

Minuses of my Brondell Swash CS1000 compared to my Toto S350E:
1. The rear wash is not as concentrated of a stream compared to the Toto. The Brondell has 3 levels of stream width that can be set but none are as concentrated / straight and powerful of a stream comparatively. The Toto can shoot a very powerful concentrated stream if that is something that you like or need and the Brondell just can't muster it, I would say provides about 50% of the pressure of the Toto on the rear wash most concentrated stream setting. This is a pretty big issue for me but not worth returning the unit over, comparatively.
2. The power/pressure of the wash for both the rear (I would call it enema mode on the Toto) and the front wash is maybe 60% of the strength of the Toto S350E. I would rate the overall strength/power of the wash stream (at the Brondell's highest pressure setting) as the biggest problem with the Brondell comparatively.
3. The seat opening on the Brondell CS1000 is shorter in depth compared to the Toto S350E which could be annoying. I have to sit further back on my Brondell to get the nozzles to reach well. I own the elongated edition of both of these toilet seats. Visually when looking at the Brondell versus the Toto elongated editions, the Toto is longer in length overall compared to the Brondell.
4. The ability for the nozzle to extend and reach you for a good cleaning is not as good as the Toto, this seems more related to the maximum concentrated stream power that the Brondell has versus the Toto S350E.
5. The deodorizer is nowhere near as good as the Toto, the deodorizer is not able to be automatically engaged as soon as you sit down (which can be turned off on the Toto), and does not stay on long enough, I believe the Brondell stays on for 30 to 45 seconds and the Toto stays on for 3 minutes or so automatically. The Brondell requires a manual button press and that button cannot be pressed as you are seated. You do it after the fact on the Brondell. The strength of the fan that runs seems maybe a third as strong as the Toto when it comes to the deodorizer mechanism. I believe the Toto is doing a real job of it and the Brondell is not having much of an effect.
6. The Brondell does not have any toilet bowl cleaning features like the Toto S350E. The automatic toilet bowl cleaning (eWater) feature of the Toto cleans the toilet bowl randomly for you as well as just before you go to use it when the Toto's automatically lifting lid is raised. Described on Toto's site: Using the incoming water supply, a pre-mist wets the toilet bowl surface aiding in the elimination of waste approximately 80% better than a dry bowl. After each flush, TOTO's eWater+ mists the bowl with electrolyzed water, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. Read more here [].
7. The adjustability of most of the settings on the Toto is more infinite whereas the Brondell has just 3 levels for most settings. This would not be noticeable or a problem for non-Toto S300/350 users I would think, but it is hard to go back to.
8. The Toto S350E has memory settings for two users directly on the remote control to select User 1 or User 2, to recall favorite settings such as water pressure, water heat, and location of nozzle among others. The Brondell Swash CS1000 has no memory settings, they do make a similar model Brondell Swash CS1400 that does have user memory on the remote control to recall favorite settings but the CS1000 does not have this. This is hard to go back to and not have compared to using the Toto S350E, but it is livable and I knew that going in.
9. The remote control on the Brondell is nowhere near as stylish as the Toto S350E but it is at least functional. The remote control on the Toto feels like a $100 part (Toto charges $211 on their site []), whereas the Brondell CS1000 remote feels like a $20 part (they charge $30 for it on their site []). The performance of the remote sensor is just as good as the Toto so no problem there. Of course I knew this going in.
10. The Toto S350 is more slimline at the rear base of the unit, it is probably 1" shorter in height compared to the Brondell Swash CS1000. It makes the Toto look more modern.
11. No nightlight on the side of the unit like the Toto S350E.
12. No "pre-mist" (Premist - A light mist is sprayed onto the dry bowl to make the surface more slippery) feature + light that shines into the toilet bowl compared to the Toto S350E. This is not something that you even realize that you would miss until you don't have it and wander in to your bathroom at night in the dark and your lid automatically opens and nice blue lights + a pre-mist of eWater sprays in to the toilet bowl. This is of course just a nice to have.
13. No automatic lid opening and closing feature on the Brondell CS1000 compared to the Toto S350E (that feature can be turned off on the Toto). After having this feature it is hard to go back to not having it. Of course I knew it wouldn't have that feature and I don't think any of these add-on Brondell bidets have it.
14. The Brondell has an oscillating feature but the Toto S350E has both an oscillating feature and a pulsating feature, both are independently controlled and both can be enabled at the same time on the Toto S350E. The Toto's oscillating feature has better performance than the Brondell's oscillating feature. When both are enabled on the Toto I feel like it works much better than the oscillating enabled on the Brondell.

The Toto S350E is made in Japan. The Brondell is made in Korea.

This YouTube review seems to point out some of the flaws of the Brondell Swash CS1000 compared to even the BioBidet BB-800 bidet, which is about the same price wise:
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