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We need more info. There's data as in Cellular service data, and then there's data as in your phone's storage. Also how do you have the music saved?

If you have the music downloaded on your computer, you have 2 options. You can connect your phone to hte computer and copy the music to your phone. You would need an app to play the music. Google play will do it, but for locally saved music there's better apps. If you have a google play subscription you can sync your local songs to their server and then stream it to any device. Streaming will use your cellular data if you aren't on WiFi.

A google play subscription is only $10 a month. You can listen to over 20 million songs. You can download them to your phone. This will use your phones storage space, but you won't use cellular data. You can also create playlists and keep your songs in there without downloading to your phone, but this will use your cellular data but keep your phone's storage free. If you go the subscription route then you don't own the songs and can't listen to them unless you pay the monthly fee. I believe it's worth it, for the price of 1 CD you have access to millions of songs, even when they hit the store shelves you get them the same day.
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Most recent reason why everyone should be armed at all times:
Santa Fe, TX school shooting. 10 killed 10 wounded.
This was a gun free zone. The shooter didn't care. Gun free zones only hurt honest citizens. If someone was armed there could've been 1 less death.