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Not knocking it. BUT.... Buyer beware -- if you are a professional whose money would depend on it:

"I've been in the video business for 25 years. I really wanted this to work. It did about twenty percent of the time. The controls need a redesign. It freezes and crashes. Too many variables that could go wrong and no quick way to troubleshoot in the field. It kind of felt like a toy too. After testing, firmware updates, tech support and other professionals and crew people scratching their heads...I sent it back and bought the Kessler system. You get what you pay for. Bottom line- maybe Syrp Genie Products are great--at least two things in my 3 axis kit didn't work"

"My goal was use the Genie Motion Controler as a second camera operator on a slider for visual interest. The first issue I experienced was keeping the Genie's tention string tight on both ends of my Cinevate slider with the supplied velcro attachment straps that Syrup supplies with the Genie. It would work for a couple takes and then stretch loose. I would recommend buying some I bolts and small carbeaners that you attach to your slider to raise the strings so they are at a level plane and inline with string wheel mechanism on the Genie. This was the only way I could tighten the the string down to shoot multiple takes with out having to stop the shoot, take the Genie controller off the mount and constanly retighten the sting to move the motion controller along my slider.I was never able to keep them tight for multiple slider motion takes using the velcro attachements that Syrp supplied. They use velcro straps so it is really impossible to lock them down. I also dont like to have to continue to hit buttons to bring the controller back to the start position and start again each time. It would be nice if this could been auto programmed. As mentioned in other reviews to edit your setting requires additional button pushing to make a simple edit.You also need to push the buttons slowly or you will not be able to enter the various menu fuctions. I cant speak to the timelapse as I never used that feature. On a positive side the Genie is built solid and battery life is awesome!The last issue was the noise of the motor while in motion. I film a lot of interview type shoots and it was all most impossible not to pick up the sound of the motor even when the unit was over 12-15 foot away from the talent. I ended up returning the Genie for these reasons!"

"So I've had this product for several months and taken it out into the field half a dozen times. My frustration is centered around the base mount. The main head sits on the removable Panning platform, however the platform shakes. It moves perhaps 1-2mm in all directions or a slight rattle. For $...I would expect the base to be stable..not ratteling. It worked in calm conditions...but when the winds picked up to about 7-10mph the balance of the camera and lens created movement on the base...which is driving me crazy. I don't know why they didnt put bearings down and seal the plate so it's completely stable. The panning programs are easy to use and for timelapse or exposure work longer than 30 seconds or the max exposure setting on your camera, an additional intervolmeter will be necessary as the Genie does not have the ability to set exposure control like an introvolmeter."
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