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Quote from painkillah
Applied for a couple chase cards last week while the IHG bonus was high plus the other Chase unlimited card I don't have. Got a letter the other day saying I have an extended alert on my file with no contact information. The letter says I need to include my phone number in the alert. Pulled my report and didn't see anywhere to update phone number. I called all the numbers I could find and I can't seem to find how to do something this simple. I think this got added after I removed some old phone numbers on my account. I got tired failing security checks because I couldn't remember some phone number I had 15 years ago. Then the number they put as my current is nowhere close. Fing idiots. Any ideas?
I'm assuming this is chase that is blocking your app? Don't even deal with the frontline idiots, Just call the people with the real power at the recon line 888-270-2127. If you have a local chase branch you can also go there and verify your identity. Chase would card their own mother.

They pull their BS checks from lexis nexus which is usually chock full of errors.

Get your free 30lb paperweight collection here. https://personalreports.lexisnexi...losure.jsp

After you have it you can clean up it just like any other credit report, and then freeze it. Presto you no longer exist and those BS security questions about family you have seen for 47 years or some place you wish you lived in the Seychelles is gone.
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