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Quote from Shaigirl
I have someone who is sending me unsolicited messages begging for an invite to a program I have no control over. Not only is it annoying, but they are completely ignoring the posted warning about invites. So... can I report this member? Or is my only course of action to block them?
Hi Shaigirl. Please feel free to Mod Alert the message(s) so a Moderator may review them. It would probably be beneficial to include a link in the Mod Alert message to which thread is spawning this issue. To report a Private Message you received, you will need to be using a desktop view of the site (either Classic or Redesign) and look for either the tab/button at the bottom of the message that says "Mod Alert" in Classic, or in Redesign, an icon at the top of the post that looks like a circle with an exclamation point.
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