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TangoUno 774 9,867 January 16, 2009 at 04:55 AM

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This thread was started to share a major clearance going on at RA in the last month or so.
I decided to change the title, and keep it as the RA clearance thread, so we can all post what we find on clearance now and in the future.

So gather your coupons, go check up your stores before they get cleaned up, and let's start posting the deals we find!

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Banana Nut Cheerios UPC# 1600042973, $1.24 ea,
-$1/2 MQ or L2C
$1/2 Savingstar credit


Centrum Chewables Multivitamin 60 ct UPC 300054528612, $4.49 ea,
-$4 MQ or L2C

CeraVe hydocortisone cream in first aid is $1.99 red and white box UPC# 3 0187248610 8)
-$3 mq scans

CeraVe Sunscreen Body Lotion SPF 30 3.5 oz $4.34 clearance UPC# 301872209011
-$3/1 mq worked w/o beeps

Eucerin Eczema relief flare up treatment $2.14 UPC# 0 72140 01517 6
-$2/1 Eucerin Body Lotion Or Creme Product, Any 2-16.9 Oz. (Excludes Trial/Travel Size) - 02-07-16 SS

Lamisil Spray for jock itch UPC# 0067-6293-83 $2.99 clearance price
-$2 printable here []

Qlearquil meds clearance $2.99
-$2/1 L2C

Bath and Body

Axe Peace Shampoo $1.74 $1/1 q upc 07940033847
- $2 L2C
Axe Peace Body wash $1.44 $1/1 q upc 011111342217
Axe Peace Deodorant $1.44 $2/1 q upc 07940033629
Axe Essence fresh deodorant $1.44 upc 079400534606
-$2/1 q
Axe white label night 2-in 1 shampoo $1.69 upc 079400433336
-$1/1 q

Ban refresh cloths 10ct .94
Brut 24 hr bluewave $1.74

Calgon body cream Tahitian orchid $1.42 UPC# 852205002965
-$1/1 q (it's a beeper)

Degree adventure deodorant (orange) $1.44 UPC# 079400451710
-$1/1 q or $2/2 or $1/1 L2C or $2/2 L2C
-$1/1 Degree for men RAQ emailed

Dove Mens Shave gel $1.24 UPC# 011111258525
-$2/1 q or L2C
Dove men+care face wash hydrate $1.82
Dove men+care shave cream hydrate $1.82 UPC#011111388376
Dove men+care shave cream sensitive $1.82 UPC#011111388222

Dr. Scholls Moleskin $1.49
Dr. Scholls Bunion cushions $1.57
-$1/1 printable MQ here []

Dry idea clinical clear stick $2.49

Eco tools sooth and relax 3 pc set $2.62

Gear Body Spray $2.64 ea UPC 0222009622852

Gillette mens deodorant Fresh $1.89

Gillette Clinical Deodorant "Training Day" $2.49
-$2 L2C or $2 printable MQ

Gillette Venus Embrace razor 047400313460 (1 Razor handle and 2 Womens Razor Refill Cartridges Kit) on clearance for $3.49
-$3 off Gillette Venus Razor, Rite Aid L2C to get the razor for $.49
Checkout51 offer earn $1.50

Gillette Venus & Olay razor (must be old packaging) $2.94 upc 047400000032
-$2/1 MQ
Checkout51 offer earn $1.50

Gillette "body" disposable razors $3.07
-$3/1 L2C coupon came off

Got2b beach trippin' $1.74 UPC#052336999404
-$2 MQ (no beeps and overage)

Ivory liquid soap refill 16oz $1.07

Lady's Speed Stick fresh fusion gel $1.99
- 50¢ mfq
$1/1 Lady's Speed stick RA emailed q

Nivea men active3 body wash $1.37 UPC# 072140120344
Nivea men relax body wash $1.37 UPC# 072140008314
Nivea for men active3 original $1.37 UPC# 072140120344
Nivea men platinum protect $1.37 UPC# 072140006686
-$3/2 coupon went through no problem

No Nonsense trouser socks UPC# 070011143645 $1.64

Olay 2 in 1 Essential oils ribbons almond oil bodywash $3.49
Olay bodywash ribbons and tone mst 18oz $1.74

Old Spice classic deodorant solid original $1.64

Old spice fox crest body wash $1.24 upc 037000842613
-$1.10/1 q $1.50 IP beeps "no matching item" $1 L2C works

Old spice pure sport 2.6 oz deodorant $1.32 UPC# 012044004302
-$1.10/1 q

Right Guard Clinical Deo $2.49

Sam purell wipes 15 ct .49 (with hand sanitizers)
-$1/2 MQ and no beeps

Secret Clinical deo smooth solid freshwater orchid $4.99

Softsoap Acia Berry bodywash 18 oz. (purple bottle) $1.32
Softsoap fresh and glow exfoliating fruit polish bodywash $1.32
Softsoap pure cashmere bodywash $3.96

St ives fresh hydration spray lotion $2.XX

Scunci 2pc inner teeth (crazy claw looking things) upc 043194395255 $1.74

Secret scent expression va va vanilla $1.37 UPC# 03700020462
-$1/1 q or 2/2 or $1/1 L2C

Suave men's thick and full shamp/cons $1.07 upc 079400426420
-$1/1 Suave hair care emailed RAQ

Suave Naturals conditioner ocean breeze (family size) $1.34
Suave Naturals shampoo ocean breeze (family size) $1.34
Suave Naturals shampoo daily clarifying (family size) $1.34
Suave Professionals Luxe Style smooth humidity hair spray $3.00
Suave Professionals Luxe Style volume all day hold hair spray $3.00
Suave Professionals sea mineral conditioner UPC#079400425577 $1.07
-$3/2 q
-$1/1 Suave hair care emailed RAQ
Suave professionals Smooth Luxe Style Weather Proof Cream 5 oz $1.57 UPC# 07940042762
-$1/1 Suave hair care emailed RAQ
two different Suave Savingstar offers

Tena women underwear super plus 16 count $10.99

Tresemme keratin smooth 7 day shampoo UPC#022400338064 $1.74
Tresemme Perfectly (un) Done $2.39
Tressemme shine spray $1.49 upc 02240062397
Tresseme expert selection hair stylers $2.39
Tresemme Climate Protection Conditioner 32 oz $2.89
Tresemme Make Waves Hi Def Waves/Curls Shaping Gel Cream 5.1 oz $2.24
Tresemme 7 day heat activated treatment in a square box
Tresemme naturals nourishing moisture conditioner 25oz $1.69 UPC# 022400624495 (white bottle with green leaf)
-$1 L2C
-$2/1 Tresemme product weekly emailed RAQ's (no beepage)
two different Tresemme Savingstar offers

VO5 Super crystal clear 14 hr hold $2.95

Zero Frizz Keratin Corrective Serum 5 oz. bottles $1.49 or $1.99
Zero Frizz Tripple Butter overnight repair treatment $1.49
-$1/1 Zero Frizz printable if you sign up for their mailing list here []
Ibotta $1.50 rebate for this item that is good at Rite Aid


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Thank you Tango. I'll have to check it out.
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I posted these in the weekly thread:

I found a bunch of Physician's Formula make up on clearance for 75% off. They were on clearance at 2 different stores for the same price, so it could be national. You may want to ask the cashier to price check.

Organic Wear (in green packaging):

green (colored) concealer stick- 2151 Soft Green Organics UPC 0 44386 02151 8 ($1.73)
tube of light bronze organics- 2254 Bronze Organics- Light skin 0 44386 02254 6 ($2.73))
Concealer stick- 2153- Light organics 0 44386 02153 2 ($1.73)
concealer stick- 2152- fair organics 0 44386 02152 5 ($1.73)
Lip Veil- 2273- Organic Sheer 0 44386 02273 7 ($1.98)
loose powder- 2140- Translucent light organics- 0 44386 02140 2 ($3.48)

Lots more, but this is what I bought, to give you ideas of prices. I think the most expensive things were $3.48 (orig $13.95). I think there were also eyeliners, bronzers (regular PF line), and more. Worth checking out, especially if you need a filler towards the $5/$25. These were all in with the PF at my stores, not in a clearance bin. Your store may or may not have clearance tags/stickers on them, so that's why its a good idea to have them price checked.
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"Coupons... They are like lottery tickets that always win." - Gerald Goode, "The Goode Family"

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Thanks Tango, one more reason to go to RA today. I think my cashiers are beginning to think it's funny I'm over there lately almost every day of the week (and it's on the other side of town!)
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On the second page of the upcoming week's flyer, at the bottom, is a small ad advertising this final clearance on the make-up items! So it looks like it will be at most stores.
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Quote from kpark895 View Post :
On the second page of the upcoming week's flyer, at the bottom, is a small ad advertising this final clearance on the make-up items! So it looks like it will be at most stores.
yes its here in los angeles also..
Why are they clearing out these stuff??its 75% off at 2 of the cvs here too...
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Quote from earninn View Post :
yes its here in los angeles also..
Why are they clearing out these stuff??its 75% off at 2 of the cvs here too...
must be making room for some new merchandise!
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They have a lot more than makeup on clearance. I got aveeno lotion, glade scented oil warmers, hair dye, pantene, dove body wash, and softsoap bodywash all for 50% off.
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People want to know what sparked my coupon use. I learned in my graduate marketing course that the top 10% of high income households use the majority of coupons. I am determined to be in that top 10% someday.

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Quote from TangoUno View Post :

The products in the skin care isle were mostly 50% off:

Womens Adidas body Wash

So gather your coupons, go check up your stores before they get cleaned up, and let's start posting the deals we find!
Has anyone used the Adidas women's body wash? Has anyone used the Coty peelies at RA? Will they allow overage?
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Meow. Wink

I am not a cat lover. My sister is deathly allergic to cats. When we were growing up we wore each other's clothes and if I ever even touched a cat, she would be ill for days. I learned to stay away from them and, just from habit, mostly still do.

As I said, I am not really a cat lover. (Now CATS are another thing altogether!)
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THE $5 MFC is only for the Advanced nightguard not the clearanced Classic one.

Quote from cmm4chris View Post :
I CAN NOT believe I forgot to link to Mom2Natalya's post here from this weeks RA thread along with her follow up post here because it's such a great moneymaker if you are lucky enough to find one! Remember limit one per card on this deal.
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Quote from cjfrugal View Post :
THE $5 MFC is only for the Advanced nightguard not the clearanced Classic one.
Thanks so much for this info. I will edit the wiki and add/edit the above post.

I also thought it may be helpful to list the weekly clearance deals at the top of the wiki so they are easier to find. They are also listed within their category as well but just thought it would be easier to see for anyone in a time crunch.
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Quote :
Did you not plan for this contingency? I mean the Starship Enterprise had a self-destruct button. I'm just saying.
Quote from lainaallen View Post :
Posting here in the clearance thread where it belongs AND IS APPRECIATED hug

MAJOR RESETS going on at my store today $1 areas being redone as posted above the foods that were .50 are now .25
Canned Frank & Beans / microwaveable pasta bowls / Fruit loop cereals / Mac & cheese /
Fruit drinks / powdered fruit drink,
A few stores in my area also have the generic cake mixes, small tubs of chocolate frosting, small fruit cups with spoons, and some other food items for $0.25 each. These would be good items to get you over the next full dollar to use another UP and to donate to food pantries. (I haven't bought/tried any of these items, so I don't know how good they are.)

Quote from rydergal View Post :

And as a followup question...when would something be presumed "all gone" and deleted from the wiki? The wiki has a good long list now, but what will it look like a year from now? Will the list simply get longer and longer, with a second wiki added when this one fills up? I ask only out of curiosity...I have no idea if there has been a consensus on this already, or if there is some sort of protocol already in place. THANKS so much for all your hard work and upkeep on this thread!
Quoting you again.... Smilie

The store closest to me pulled their clearance hair color, including L'Oreal (which is good for the deal this week) today because its being recalled back to the warehouse. ("Recalled" as in they want it sent back and not on the shelves any more, not "recalled" because there is something wrong with it.) My store just got the memo yesterday or today, and the shift supervisor is going to take everything out of their inventory tomorrow afternoon to be sent back. (ie, can't be sold after its been taken out of the inventory system.) These were just put on clearance last month, so not too much time to get them. The store is getting a new haircolor plan-o-gram (basically, the sheet that tells them how to set up a shelf) on Wednesday.

I don't know if some stores get their "recall" lists faster than others, or if some stores do their recall lists right away (and shelf resets) or if they take their time. And some stores may move the clearance items to the back clearance shelf where they will collect dust for months and months.

Almay was *not* included in the current list of recalls. NYC makeup was. (Lots of RA employees will be happy for the MM deal a couple weeks ago.) Cortaid was another. I can't remember what was on the other sheet, but it wasn't very exciting.
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Quote from Smilesrfree2 View Post :
Do u happen to have the upc# I am interested in doing a binder system also to get rid of my coupon plastic file folders.. I will stick w/ doing inserts by date but still love to carry set of Q's for just in case deals/clearance. Thanks! Smilie
UPC 0 43100 29592 1
2 inch 3-ring binder with interior pockets & 6-pocket expanding file, zips close
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Today i went to ra and find these things.
kitchen towels are 75% off
Dinner ware items like mugs,cookie jars 75% off
plastic trays 75% off
some of the kids toys jacks,jump ropes,bubble soaps etc are 75% off
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