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I'm not sure why everyone is thinking this is a bad deal. By looking at how you described it, it doesn't sound good. But I'll tell u the truth, I brought this deal on Sunday. Here's things to add to this deal...

If you use a Best Buy Credit Card, You can get a free Extra controller, which is a $60 dollar value.
Also it comes with $20 off Xbox Enhanced game, so if there's something you'd like to purchase along, then there's your savings plus if you have GCU, that will get 20% off that game.

So here's my purchase price with tax, etc totals $544 (would have been less if I picked a cheaper game like Rise of Tomb Raider, which is free, otherwise any game over $20 would cost extra. Now that price at $544 sounds way too bad or expensive. But if you look otherwise: $544 - $50 Gift card.. now the price is $494. Then minus $20 for the game now the price is $474. Minus $60 for the controller would make it $414. There was an additional $10 off for the controller bundled with it, I don't know if it was a sale this week or not. Now everyone is celebrating getting Xbox one for 400 and plus taxes or shipping, etc. But the thing is when you purchase $400 then plus tax, it would probably be around $430-$445. But that does not come with a game or a free controller if you use your credit card. So I think it's just as a good deal if you were interested into a controller and a game to begin with.

Last of all, since you have GCU, you will get double points for game purchases, and also probably around $10-15 Reward gift card to make it a sweeter deal. So it's probably just as sweet as the other deals. And also if there's a problem, easily can go to the store to swap the system, otherwise dealing online can be more difficult.
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