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Hello, I've been a long time SD user, and I had to create a new account to message support. I have been on a slickdeals hiatus for a number of months, and recently I came back, tried to log into my old account that I've had for years (username TheKeebz) and when I log in, the site won't load. I have to delete all my cookies to see it again and stay logged out. Same thing with the app on both my ipad and my iphone. As soon as I log into my account on the app, it just loads eternally. I have to completely reinstall it and stay logged out to see anything. It's so weird! What the heck happened? Can someone help?

I tried submitting a contact form here but as soon as I clicked "Send" it just redirected me to a blank google search. What!? I have posted some useful deals over the years and would like to get my account functioning again, I don't understand what broke. Thank you!

PS I tried changing my password, but I never got the email, so I cannot do that. I couldn't have been hacked, my email account is, I'm still getting deal alerts at my email address, so I know my email couldn't have been changed on my SD account. Was my SD account hacked, and if so can I get it back?
Hi. We did receive your support request and have replied to you there.
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