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Quote from screwyluie
wtf is this? I don't know if it's new or not but this is the first time I've seen this. I clicked a link in a deal and this box pops up complaining there was a problem with my rebate and shows I have an ad blocker installed and I have to click a link to continue anyway.

I think this is some grade AAA BS considering slickdeals already converts our links into affiliate links that make them money. I'll just remove the new popup as well but I felt a bit outraged at the audacity of it considering the above.

Since this is a suggestions forum, here's a suggestion, stop doing that.
If it was a Slickdeals Rebate, then all of those require adblock be disabled or slickdeals to be whitelisted, for rebate tracking purposes I believe. Most posts for SD rebates state that in the post, or should. I usually just disable adblock for that specific thread/page and that seems to work fine, if that helps.

Some more info here:

If there is an issue with your Slickdeals rebate, you can email the rebate team to see if the problem can be resolved.

If it was for a rebate from some other site, then sorry not sure what/why for those. That would be up to that rebate company.
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