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Best way to add a new line on Verizon

29 10 July 15, 2019 at 09:50 PM
My wife and I are presently on Verizon and it seems as if it is time to add 1 or both of our kids to the data plan. The website describes our current plan as follows:
Effective: 09/08/2017
Account access: $70.00
Line access fee: $40.00
Estimated monthly cost: $110.00
My daughter has a Moto G5 Plus that we intend to use, and we have an old Nexus 6P lying around. Obviously neither of these are current or flagship devices, but they are fine for now.

In adding either one or two lines to our plan on Verizon, is there anything that we need to consider to get the best deal? Am I best off doing some sort of deal that involves getting a new device when adding a line just to get the most mileage? Or is just adding the existing phones to the plan a reasonable choice? Definitely not looking to drop any real money on a new phone, but don't want to miss the boat and do this wrong. If I can get a decent new phone for little cost, I would gladly consider it.

Our data usage has been between 4 and 6 GB/month, including some hotspotting of the kids, so I am not greatly concerned about adding a bigger plan just yet. All help appreciated. Thank you.



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First, try to negotiate with Verizon. You are paying much more than we are on MoreEverything, now known as X Large Plan, for 16 GB per month. $72 plus $20 per line--all are off contract phones. It's advertised as $90. But, I complained because the increase happened at the point I paid off our last financed phone! In response, Verizon added 2gb per month for no charge and a 19% discount, which is less than the 22% employer discount we had. They tried to say they were doing away with such discounts. About 6 weeks ago, they texted me that they were giving us 8gb additional for free. So, we now have 26gb with carryover data that does not expire.

If you don't have a SIM card for your daughter's phone, try a genuine Verizon store to see if they will give you a free SIM plus free activation.

If they say no, call Verizon customer service and see if they will ship you SIM card and/or provide free activation. I found by calling and complaining about price increases, etc., is a fair way to get something back for being a loyal customer. They had raised my More plan from $56 to $90 over time and I got it down to $72 plus the courtesy 8gb.

I work for major bank.
So, do you or wife have a job with company that gets Verizon employee discounts? Or, do your employers have an employee discount web with Verizon offers? Such discounts were 23%, now 17%, off data and purchases of some peripherals.

Verizon no longer gives loyal customers upgrade discounts or deals. There's always a catch like add a line or switch to unlimited. We used to get near free phones, bogo, or $99 off their best phone deals. The only phone deal in last two years: Back in December when my iPhone 5 started overheating and not working well, they sold me a brand new iPhone 6s replacement for $100, which was nice at the time.

A more drastic measure if you have an off-contract phone is to switch one to another carrier and let them know. They may offer you something to bring that line back. Last August, we had to do so because they couldn't activate an unlocked phone received as a gift. We got phone calls with offers to entice us to return that line back. ymmv on that.

Finally, you should NOT be paying $30 per line if you have off-contract or paid off phones. I just added a new phone and Verizon is charging $20.
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have you looked at Vz prepaid? I was just looking and they have a 16gb data each line and unlimited everything else, 3 lines with autopay and multiline discount works out to $105 before any taxes.

no special codes or anything. right on the website.
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