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Subs are not *required* for any audio experience, so spend what you're comfortable with. Audiophiles often espouse frequency response which is unequivocally beyond the range of any human being to have ever lived. You have to watch some pretty low brow movies to care about room shaking bass rather than engaging dialog anyway. Just sit on your washing machine with an imbalanced load, it's just as meaningful.

Audiophiles also crawl around their floors claiming they can detect room response differences based on millimeters of movement, place ridiculous wooden pyramids in strategic positions to absorb errant sound waves, run a green sharpie on the edges of CDs to clean up digital signals, pay thousands for plain ass copper wires with fancy claims, honestly think anyone can detect a lag from electrical impulses traveling a few feet or so further from one speaker cable over a shorter one etc.

Blind tests have proven over and over that it's all confirmation bias and nobody can actually tell a difference.
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