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7 10 October 19, 2019 at 08:03 PM
Hello Slickdealers, I have a dilemma and wasn't certain if this the spot to post. I'm on the lookout for some noise cancelling headphones that have good sound quality. My issue is I've always used wired which has served me fine but I've noticed most new models are wireless. I'd like to spend around 200 bucks for headphones with good noise cancellation whether they're wired or wireless. I've used some good Sennheiser headphones and Audio Technica's which sounded great.

Question on top of looking for a deal is: Is the sound quality to cost ratio for going wireless something to consider when spending $200 tops? Like can you get wired headphones with noise canceling for $200 that compare to sound quality of a $400 wireless? If so, I'd much rather get wired. If not, I'll go for the wireless convenience.

Hope this makes sense and thanks!

What I was looking at was the Sony 1000mx3 and Bose QC 35ii but don't need wireless



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Personally, imo wired is always better than wireless all things being equal. I get the wireless stuff can be easy\more convenient, but being something of an audiophile and not really traveling much, to me if I am going to spend 200+ on a pair of headphones. then all I really care about is the sound quality. The other stuff is fluff, but that is me.

That said, it really comes down to what you want, what you are willing to pay and your personal tastes. Cost always factors in as you will usually have to trade off something unless you just want to spend towards the top of the range.

As for noise cancelling, can't really speak to it. To me, it is mostly nonsense from an audiophile perspective and while it may be somewhat effective in killing background noise, it will inevitably have an effect on the audio quality. So if your intention is to use headphones on an airplane and kill the background noise, then that is fine but expect to take a hit in audio quality. To me, it has never made much sense to spend a lot on such as a mediocre set of headphones will suffice for that purpose and you are not going to be getting the very top quality sound anyway unless you really want to spend big bucks (and I do not travel much, so it is just something I do not need).

Basically, figure out what you want and how much you are willing to spend and check the reviews for the best set of headphones that meets your needs and fits in your budget (see link below). Everyone has different tastes and priorities.

My 2 cents.
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I had to quit using my wireless when I realized I can not trust myself to recharge them.
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With more and more devices ditching the headphone jack, you may want to reconsider how important wireless is to you.

Other than that, like Yanks mentioned it's going to depend on how you plan on using them. Personally, I travel a lot and am not much of an audiophile. I picked up the QC35 II when they were on sale for $250 and love them. Definitely makes air travel and other mass transit situations much more pleasant.
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