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Upgraded NAS/NVR suggestions?

30,009 3,897 November 21, 2019 at 06:54 AM
I bought a Synology DS216Play a few years ago and it's been a fine NAS for me, but even with (2) 4 TB drives we are outgrowing it. I do have several IP cams around the house however I don't utilize the full ability of the NVR functionality because (1) it only accepts 2 cams before you have to pay for more and (2) I can't afford the space. It also has issues with Plex [I can get around this by running a Plex server on an always-on PC but that's besides the point].

So I am looking to upgrade to something that:
- can give me much more space. I'm not a real NAS techie so I can't speak to all the RAID configuration abilities. I assume that it would be better to get a box with more bays vs. higher capacity HDD's.
- has built-in NVR capabilities with preferably more native enabled cameras (e.g. I won't have to pay for more)

I basically use it for:
- Backup/network storage
- Plex server
- NVR (kinda sorta right now, but with more of my outdoor cameras coming online I'd like to use this feature more)

I am open to any brand but have been pretty happy with the Synology's performance and UI.


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