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Help me find a decent size 4K laptop.

126 54 November 22, 2019 at 09:50 AM
A few years back I bought an HP Spectre x360 and as a software developer fell in love with the real estate available on a 4K screen. The following year I "Upgraded" to a Dell G5 5587, which on paper looked great except for the lower resolution.

The G5 is a nightmare. It is way slower than the Spectre; it has constant WiFi issues; the sound is either constantly blowing my ears out thanks to MaxxAudioPro, or if I disable that, it is way too quiet, etc. Unfortunately, the Spectre's motherboard died within a month of the warranty running out and HP wanted $500 to fix it.

I've been waiting for this season to go back to a better laptop, but I'm not seeing a heck of a lot of great deals.

In addition to being a programmer, I do a little gaming, but that is not a dealbreaker.

My Wants:
Resolution: 4K
Fast Hard Drive (Lots of compiling in programming)
Screen Size: 15.6" minimum (bigger would be better)
Backlit keyboard (I work in the dark quite a bit)
Windows (ugh, I know... but my job...)

My Budget:
Really depends on the machine, but I want the most bang for my buck.


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