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Quote from jo55jo
Does SD support negative keywords on deal alert tag line? I'm thinking like in Google search where you can append a minus sign to the front of a word to exclude that word from searches.

Or is there any other method to make this work?

One example is someone having an interest in DNA tests but not tests for pets.
Yes, there is a way to exclude keywords. From the Unofficial Deal Alert FAQ:

Quote from Shorted :
Excluding Keywords
Q: How do I set an alert that will only trigger if the deal post does NOT include a certain keyword or phrase?
A: Place a minus sign, "-", before each keyword you want to add as an exclusion.

Placing a space between the minus sign and the keyword is optional.

kindle -ymmv
will trigger for any post that includes the word 'kindle' but not the term 'ymmv'

kindle - ymmv
will function the same as above

kindle -"price mistake"
will trigger for any post that includes the word 'kindle' but does not include the phrase 'price mistake'.

FS -shoprunner | prime
will trigger for any post post that includes the term 'FS' as well as either includes the word 'prime' or does not have the term 'shoprunner'
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