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Samsung s10 CDMA deals?

2 10 December 15, 2019 at 09:06 PM
A few days after BF, the GF says she wants nothing, but I notice she is looking at the Samsung S10 a lot and asked me about the Costco deal (she doesn't have Costco membership, but I do...and she would have gotten that deal had it been online too...she told me late on the last day of the promo.)

Some background:
1. She has service with Verizon (I do too)
2. She does not want to switch service
3. I am looking for the best deal without add ons (free watch, free earbuds, nice but neither of us need/want it)
4. I would like to buy new (not renewed or refurb, since it's a gift)

Anyone know where I can get the best deal in time for the holidays? Color doesn't matter.


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