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Assuming Gamestop doesn't nerf the $5 certificate/coupon per month for the revamped Power Up Rewards Pro, this could get interesting....

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How so?

So far every employee I've spoken to has stated that the coupons/certificates will work on 'just about anything'. If this includes stuff like PSN and XBL credit, you could get $10 cards for HALF OFF. Think of it this way, that's like two years of PS+ at the current Black Friday/Cyber Monday/ CES show/holiday price of $44.99 with an additional $30 worth of credit to spend on PSN or XBL.

That comes out to $120 worth of credit for XBL or PSN (not sure if it'll work on Nintendo eShop credit) for $75-80 out of pocket counting the $15 and $20 pricing levels for PUR Pro based on whether or not you want a digital or physical edition of the Game Informer magazine with the PUR Pro sub.

I just wonder how long before Gamestop nerfs the program to exclude PSN cards or other products from the $5 coupon/certificates.
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