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Best TV for me right now?

71 32 January 8, 2020 at 08:34 PM
Hi everyone! I'm upgrading my TV and I'm wondering both of a good deal and even perhaps a good size of TV.

I have about 14' from my wall to my viewing area. I thought 75-85" would be the best distance for this, as I do not do a lot of 4k TV. I want a high-quality TV, but I think a $2k limit on the purchase is about the max I can take.

I've researched a little about the 950G and C9 and so far I like both of them. Greentoe seems to have both of them and I should be able to get a 75" 950G for under 2k and a 65" C9 potentially under $2k.

What would be a better deal? Does anyone know of better costs on either of these? It's my first time using this forum, so thanks in advance for the feedback.


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