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Any time of year better than another for Server deals?

517 48 May 22, 2020 at 09:07 AM
Some years back I was going to mess around with social media and running an automation program (Followliker) to drive some eCommerce through Shopify. I had to shelve that for a while to try some altcoin mining instead and I wasn't able to absorb having two techie hobbies at once.

Anybody know if maybe Black Friday or some other time is good for server deals? The machine I got the last time was like a mid-grade Xeon and it worked great for the task. It was like $200... and I read about so many people renting machine time to do it... But this dirt cheap machine could've easily ran on like 100 Instagram accounts. Alas, I was working on about 12 accounts ready when I had to shelf it.


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