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Need laptop 300-450 range

580 68 May 22, 2020 at 11:45 AM
Not sure what's happening in laptopland, but to me it seems like prices are soaring all of a sudden... Needless to say, I need a replacement laptop for one of my teenagers who just happened to have trashed her ancient laptop.. ugh.

here goes:
budget: 300-450 max

os: win10
dvd drive: yepperdoo. I know, this is not really being done anymore, but she still needs it..

needs to be able to do web browsing, youtube, etc., text editing (whatever office), and light gaming. I prefer Intel (i3 as absolute minimum), but AMD is fine as long as it's faster than Intel's i3. And it needs to be able to survive a few years. I know that would be difficult with someone who trashes computers, but still.. that means, no cheap junk that wouldn't hold a week with NORMAL use...

Other than that no preferences..


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