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Those reviews though.

"Extremely DANGEROUS , the glass cracked up on the table and the plastic caught fire which caught the table on fire and almost caught the porch and house on fire. Very poor design"

"Look at my leg getting eaten up by mosquitoes right next to the candle that has been burning a good 15 minutes. This is worthless, do not waste your money on it. No effect, what a scam."

"I purchased this with the idea of, "oh! Coleman! A brand I've used since I was a child when camping! This will work." WRONG. My fiance and I had to RUN inside our house as we watched Mosquitoes land all over us over the 3 days we've tried using it (I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt). I tried lighting it 25 mins before we want to go outside, doesn't help. I tried moving the candle directly next to us, doesn't help. This DOESN'T WORK and I'm covered in bites that wake me up at 2AM with itchiness."

"Don't want to be harsh...but it just doesn't work...plain and simple. I have this candle positioned under my chair, by my chair, on a table next to my chair and I'm still swatting mosquitos off my forehead. I've used Citronella candles before with success, but for some strange reason this one seams to have very little impact."