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A cool tip about selling a home: don't get a realtor when selling. If you ever have any questions about what you need to do, contact the title insurance place youre working with. They will help you with the legal stuff you gotta do or at least point you to where to go.

They want you to close. They also want it to be easy. The more they can offload on you (and not a lazy realtor), the easier they're job is. Realtors don't ask questions pertinent to closing. They just want their commission. But you gotta be reachable. If they can't contact you, you're gonna take a long time to close.

Also when buying, ALWAYS GET an owners policy! It's technically optional and can possibly vary by state, but pay it. it's to protect you in case say someone can legally file a lien or accidentally misdocumentats something and it comes up during your time of ownership. A good example, a title search is done and there is no mortgage on the property. But a financial that had a mortgage accidentally satisfied the wrong mortgage. Then they fixed it, while you just bought your house and a final title search reveals a new mortgage! The title insurance protects you from liability. Otherwise, you just bought a house with a mortgage on it.