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Sport-brella regular and XL FAR @ OSJL - Regional

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For those of you with an Ocean State Job Lot (OSJL) around - CT, RI, some NY - they have the Sport-Brella XL on Crazy Deal "FAR" for $69.99. [] Valid today (Thursday) through Sunday. They also have the smaller version (8') FAR for $59.99.

For those unfamiliar with Crazy Deals, in exchange for the purchase of an item, they give you a Crazy Deal card for some portion (or all) of it. Crazy Deal cards are similar to GC's, but cannot be used on other Crazy Deal items (e.g. they can't be "rolled"), but can be used with coupons and on other sale items.

In my experience, when they offer FAR Crazy Deals, the purchase price of the item is typically well above what you'd pay elsewhere, but if you shop there anyway, it's essentially like getting the item for free, since you'll wind up eventually spending the Crazy Deal card.

I've also never been charged tax for a Crazy Deal as it's typically rung up as you purchasing a gift-card-like item, and getting the physical item (Sport-Brella) for $0.

You do need to be a member of their Insider Club for this (it's free).

While I am at it they also haveseveral other items FAR [] (Crazy Deal GC):
2 different sizes of sand mats (beach)
4 different sizes/types of inflatable boats/canoes
Giant inflatable sprayer

Other Crazy Deals FAR []:
2 different types of spray nozzles (I have a few of these and they are excellent) [note the price on these is ~ $13; these can be had for $6-8 elsewhere (see my note above about MSRP) but without GC]

Lastly, their weekly flyer [] often has other items FAR, and individual stores even typically have other items FAR (in my experience, generally previous Crazy Deal FAR items that did not sell. They also have a recurring FAR food promo).
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Created 06-18-2020 at 08:20 AM by Dr. J
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