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TinyCam Pro weird local recording issue, with motion detection

8,196 3,319 June 28, 2020 at 08:58 AM
Ok, I'm stumped. This was working at one point, but (I'm guessing) some setting changed, or the program updated and changed something.

So, I have motion detection setup, I have audible alerts, email alerts, and I have normal settings to record locally like 10 seconds after initial motion is detected. There's only one camera setup right now.

When motion occurs, I can see the active scene on my phone, in real-time, the jingle goes off, the email gets sent. Everything seems to work fine. The email shows an image with the moving object in it. Then I go to the local recording (on the phone), and there's a 10+ second recording, but there's absolutely no motion in the video. It makes no sense. Again, the app shows the motion in real-time, so it's getting the live feed, and the outline is blinking red (motion detected), and it indicates it's actively recording the camera locally, with the active red videocam icon, during the actual movement. And, yet, I play the video and the event is not shown - instead, it's like it's taking a recording from a minute ago, or 20 seconds later, when no activity was occurring.

I'm totally stumped. Any ideas? Confused


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