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How to keep AT&T Internet for Life 2018/2019

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In 2018 and 2019 AT&T had a offer where they would give you free internet for life as long as you met the terms of the offer and continued to meet the terms of the offer in the future. This offer was especially good in AT&T fiber areas, where the connection was often 100/100 or 50/50 symmetrical. In other areas the internet would be as slow as 768Kbps (0.768 Mbps)
For those living in AT&T fiber areas and wish to maintain this offer, I have discovered that some of the original terms are still posted on the AT&T website.

I suggest saving a PDF, screenshot or printing the full terms so that you have a record.
In the coming years AT&T will try and trick people to change to ineligible plans to invalidate the offer.

In addition read though the terms and make sure you are in compliance with them and the terms of the 2018/2019 free internet for life offer before making any changes with AT&T.

The main points everybody needs to be aware of are the following:
1) Do not cancel or transfer the qualifying wireless line to another provider
2) Do not Switch to an ineligible wireless plan, (Read the Terms)
2) Do not have a different billing address for your wireless and internet accounts
4) Obviously you can't keep the offer if you move to an address that doesn't offer AT&T Internet.

Original Deal: up to 50Mbps

Summary of Updated Deal up to 100Mbps (I have been told by multiple people that people who accepted the 50Mbps deal terms are not eligible for the 100Mbps deal terms)

2018 Detailed Terms

2019 Detailed Terms
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