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Discount tire prices vary by location and will price match

690 349 September 8, 2020 at 01:15 PM

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I needed to buy a set of trailer tires. I did this on my work computer that routes the internet through a different state. My google search defaulted to location of internet traffic and not physical location. I found a good price on tires @ $60 each, but during checkout the price jumped to $79 when i selected my local location for pickup. DTD also has this same tire for $92 (53% more than the cheapest DT location). The local store honored the $60 price from out of state. About 6 months ago I needed tires for a vehicle and I found prices online and similar thing happened. When I got to the local store the price was $25 cheaper then the price that was online.

Does anyone know a way to search discount tire by location like a brickseek function? I just saved 25% off the trailer tires by checking two locations. Who knows if there is a cheaper option in a different zip.

I buy a ton of tires on all the vehicles and trailers at my farm. I go through so many I bought my own mounter and balance machines. It takes me less time to DIY then to drive to a tire shop and wait for the idiot technician to screw something up.


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