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Quote from CleverLeopard577
We are in a cold war with China. They recently fired 2 anti-ship cruise missiles at US Navy. China is using it's economic might militarily against most of it's neighbors including Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, and Japan. China's army recently occupied several border districts of Nepal which ironically has a pro-China Maoist government. China also occupied islands close to Philippines, and border areas within India recently. Our dollars have been funding their military modernization which has emboldened them for aggression. Not to mention China's constant theft of American technology, both civilian and military. Now we have no choice when American, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean manufacturers/brands/companies make their products in China. China makes only part of the money for manufacturing. But when we buy a Chinese brand like OnePlus, Hisense, TCL, Xiaomi/mi, ZTE, oppo, Vivo, Haier, Huawei, Lenovo, Wize; and apps like Zoom, tiktok, Wechat, etc., then all the money goes to Chinese Communist Party. Fortunately several American, Japanese, and Korean brands like Samsung, Apple, are finally moving their manufacturing out of China.
Amen brother.
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