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Quote from KillJoyEX :
I remember us talking about the Klipsch and my 4 x 115sw. I have sold 3, hopefully soon to be 4 and have gotten 2 x Monolith 15" THX. I liked my Klipsch but replaced many amps over the years and the last straw was (supposedly after 2nd amp revision model replacement) a bit after a year the sub started pulsing. I have put in a request for a new amp and I haven't heard back from Klipsch in weeks. I'm done with their powered subwoofers. I also own the SPL 120.
Thanks for that update. Fortunately my 2 Klipsch subs have not had any problems yet, but if they do and I get frustrated with Klipsch then I'll ask you about those Monoliths (I've never heard of them before). I assumed the next choice would be SVS given I've heard/seen many positive comments about them here.
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