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Quote from tshrimp :
Thank you OP. I wish I could give you more than one rep. I have been into FDM printing for a long time. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy printing resin, but so far it has been a blast. I received the package very quickly, and within a short time had it printing the test cube. It came out great, and with detail I could never get with FDM. Even with this being "low resolution" the prints come out beautiful. It is going to take some learning, and have had more fails than successes, but I have learned from each one of them. Example: Making sure the service area on the build plate is larger than what can come in contact with the FEP sheet.

Print quality compared to FDM.
Print speed doesn't change when adding detail. Looks to do entire layer at once.
Easy to use - Menu on printer, bed leveling, empty resin from bin.
Build quality - This one surprised me because of the price.
Appearance of the resin itself after print (Green) just looks fantastic, and is surprisingly strong and weighty.

Cons (some not of the printer, but due to printing resin):
Finding a well ventilated area.
Cleanup - Just messier than when dealing with a print spool.
Curing process - I thought I would use the sun, but it has rained every day since I got it. I bought a curing station already
The software is okay, but already found an issue. Any print I set to 16AA will not slice properly no matter file. 8 and below works fine.
Many sites geared toward resin printing seem to be less giving with free download of stl files. I have never charged for anything I have created.

Sorry for so much info, but I am loving this thing so far.
Just saw this. Awesome! That's why I posted.... and you'll never stop using it if you upgrade to something larger. You'll just be able to print more stuff that doesn't need as large a build plate. Happy printing!
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